A picture is made up of a thousand stories

tossdown comes to Canada as an effort to build a Halal Restaurant guide for the Muslim Community in North America.

But how did it all began?

You have a product that you have been working on for almost a decade now, you think its good enough to build a restaurant database for any city and give its users the freedom to search restaurants based on their choices. It is not that simple. Heres how:

tossdown at Muslim Fest 2016 - Mississauga Canada

tossdown at Muslim Fest 2016 – Mississauga Canada

Most of you would see this picture as a display of marketing effort by tossdown at a certain exhibition (in this case it was Muslim Fest – one of the biggest Muslim Festivals in Canada) to create market awareness. Its empty for now, with a facade of marketing messages.

But for us this is a very emotional site. In this empty static picture, we see a lot of bustle, a lot going on, we see passion, love, loss, adversity and the struggle we had to go through to come to this. The risks that were taken were unimaginable for us and we always thought there was a greater power that was always picking us up when were on the verge.

Ask me, this is a ‘emotional tearing’ moment for us but we wont cry because its not over yet plus we dont have any time to.

This is the beginning and as they say ‘All great things come after adversity’. March on team tossdown!

Thank you Muslim Fest for giving us the opportunity to display a little of what we know so far.


Team tossdown