About tossdown.com

The word ‘tossdown’

The word ‘tossdown’ meaning to gulp food or drink in one go- implies the amount of data that can be found on this single portal has to be gulped in one go serving visitors with big appetites. The portal plans to feature each and every eating placing in the country to begin with and then to expand globally.


Read, Eat & Write

Tossdown.com is a web portal that brings an interactive guide of all kinds of eatouts; be it a fancy restaurant on a busy boulevard or a road side meal that you grab on your way. Its user-friendly features provide users the best platform to view complete information and nitty gritty details of any place they choose. User comments, reviews of their favourite meals and well so much more!


Grow your business

Tossdown aims to provide easy access and interactive facility to its users. What makes the portal unique is that each eatout profile is maintained by its owner; Latest and most authentic information straight from the horses mouth! The portal also allows the restaurants to improve and promote their restaurants by allowing them to configure deals, discounts and anything that can help them establish their customer loyalty. We provide them the tool, its how well they use it!


About the Company

For more information about the company please visit www.hookedtech.com

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