Best, Ghalib Market Lahore (Halwa Puri)

When it comes to a Sunday morning in Lahore the hottest words are Halwa puri. Believe it or not its like a ritual of the place to have a halva puri on a Sunday morning for most us lahoris and we religiously follow it specially when we have a guest over outside the city, or friends over for the night or early morning Sunday cricket match or just a family holiday breakfast well see that’s what we mean when we say Halva Puri is synonymous to a Sunday morning in Lahore.
Just because this is one of the famous dishes of the city we have bunch loads of options but most of the good ones are in the interior city which seems to be a tedious job in itself, however there are a couple of good ones scattered around the city and we found one just in gulberg, Ghalib Market. Recommended by our friend tossdown team went straight to toss some halva puri and chanas. Before anything I would say it was a beautiful cool breezy January morning with the sun just pouring in mildly and the breeze making the green dance over you. Now in this kinda of an aura you would love anything and so we did when our fresh puris reached the table. Funny thing about the lahoris, we attack it the moment it lands no matter if we are sitting at a dhaba or a fine dine its just our style and we say we know eating better than anyone. Maybe we are just keen to analyse the food or maybe we just love it too much to stay away. Hands down the puris were good above average compared to the best in town, the chanas were average and so was the halwa but surprisingly the chicken kachori was politely delicious. We ate without complains and a loads of laughter (noting about the food just personal jokes) but at all times keeping in our mind the responsibility of tossdown and brining you our exact experience at the place. We followed it with tea from a neighboring tea stall, which was great and like I said the entire experience we had no complains. We suggest you pay a visit to the place, it deserves it specially due to the environment and the puris.

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