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The holy month of Ramadan is here yet again, gracing us with enumerable bounties and rewards. And when there’s talk of rewards, food almost always steals the show. Iftar and Sehri in restaurants has become quite a thing of the modern era where people love indulging themselves by eating out after a hard-earned day of fasting. Some odd years ago, sehri in restaurants was hard to fathom. However, now if you happen to step out of the house during sehri you’ll be wonderfully amazed.  Its considered an achievement if you manage to secure a spot in your favourite restaurant during sehri. Welcome to the 21st century. But hey, tossdown here has a few suggestions up its sleeves. If tossdown can get reservations for all you foodlovers out there for Iftar/Sehri, wouldn’t it be a huge burden off your minds? Instead you could all focus your attention on other important factors such as prayers and philanthropy:). So here’s an overview of the deals tossdown has lined up for all of you from major cities of the country. Click and indulge yourselves:)!


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Click here for some Refreshing Iftar Deals in Lahore

Iftar Deal at World Fashion Cafe, Lahore

Iftar Deal at World Fashion Cafe, Lahore


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Click here for some Refreshing Iftar Deals in Karachi

Iftar deals in Karachi

Iftar deals in Karachi


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Iftar deals in Islamabad


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Sheikhoo “Quite a Handful”

Sheikhoo was a name that hit me the wrong way whenever I passed by it; always made me wonder. It seemed to be out of place with all the mondelanos, nandos, freddys around. So we did what we had to; explore. Lucky for us we got invited to pay a visit to the place. This place had tia maria in its days and now its all gone sheikhoo. Entering from the left of the building the alley caught our attention with its  open air setting and suddenly the idea of outdoor dining seemed all too enticing. But we were invited inside first; pretty decent dining setup in the hall as well but what was really nice was the long hallway with sitting on the side for sheesha lovers. Everything in that spot was done perfectly; the multicolor light globes on top of each table, the table themselves and the area. Why do seesha lovers get the best in life? Why?

We looked around, snapped what we liked and by then our food was ready and served. We had chicken Manchurian, Chicken Chili Dry with Egg Fried Rice, Chicken Cheese Burger, Chicken Steak and an array of Sheikhoo signature cocktails including the ginger lemonade, virgin pina colada, chocolate fever and the cherry cutie. Wow doesn’t this sound mouth watering? Let me tell you how it actually was- mouth watering! Honestly we weren’t expecting this taste. The rice was cooked to perfection. Each dish had a separate taste and although Chicken Manchurian is a common thing around we still found this one better. Chicken chilli dry was as beautiful as it looked. They say looks can be deceiving but I guess not in this case, the taste was actually a fraction bit better. The steak wasn’t the best around. Now lets come to the burger.  This is of course one of our localized burgers devoured by locals and ones you would munch on at S&P anytime of the day. This was one place that had the same taste as S&P, so even the burger gets a thumbs up. The cocktails were a pleasant follow-up on a good meal but did not have the most exotic of tastes. They were nonetheless a viable replacement of the sodas and because sheikhoo is so well priced despite the fact it’s around MM Alam road,  a combo for a main course with any cocktail wouldn’t worry you at bill time. Honestly!
We think this place is as good as the restaurants around (actually a bit better in our experience), and to top it all off its well priced or actually very well priced. The varied ambience is something that adds to the flavor. If you haven’t, you must!

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