300 Best Dishes Featured from Top Restaurants in Lahore

While we at tossdown want to get closer to the heart and soul of a foodie, we are working hard to go deeper in the local dining scene. One of such new offering is featured dishes from top restaurants in Lahore.

We believe every restaurant has something great to offer, often we seem to ignore it and so often the restaurant itself doesnt really emphasize on it and goes for variety. But what would you rather have at a chocolateria – steak or churros?

We couldnt have launched this feature without the help of your foodies that take their time to share the goodness of food using the tossdown app (for android & iOS)

With the featured dishes launched for restaurants in lahore we hope to extend to other cities of Pakistan, we wish to give our foodies the best of insights of what to eat where.

The page offers a great searching tool – you can search by food type, area and also the price range so for instance a if you are looking for a burger in gulberg lahore you can get your results here.

Featured Dish in Lahore

Featured Dish in Lahore

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