Iftar Buffet Table Reservation – RES by tossdown

We are onto the 5th of Ramadan 2012. With just under 25 or so Rozas remaining tossdown officially launches its online Table Reservation System – RES (Short for Reservation). This ramadan, now you can avoid all the hassel of standing in lines empty stomach and roza stricken.

Heres how the service works. Go on to http://res.tossdown.com:

Signup using your tossdown login information (Optional)

Select the restaurant, provide your login information and submit.

A RES representative will get in touch with you to confirm your Reservation.

Additionally, RES can also have your payment picked up and pay the restaurant to confirm your Table.

Currently, RES allows this service for iftar buffets in lahore.

Happy dining this ramadan.

Ramadan 2012 Deals & ‘Res’ go hand in hand!

Restaurant Reservation by tossdown

RES by tossdown

Ramadan 2012 the 5th Ramadan in tossdown’s life. Yes its going to be the 5th Ramadan that people get details on sehri & iftar buffet deals and make reservations to their favorite places.

However, for the past 4 ramadan access to the deal information was available to the general public and reservation was only limited to the people who were ‘close’ to tossdown. Yes we made reservations for our fans all across lahore and saved them some money too. This year around not only you will have every deal on the market but also the access to our online reservation system – targeted to be launched in a weeks time. And guess what it has a name too ‘Res‘ the Restaurant Table Reservation System and could be accessed directly at http://res.tossdown.com (mind the spellings people). Right now we are just training our partners on the new system and ironing the quirks :)

Keep your fingers crossed because we are claiming it to be ‘effortless restaurant table reservation’ by automating the entire process from making the reservation to payment collection to table booking.

For a list of 2012 Ramadan Iftar Deals for your city visit:

Lahore: http://tossdown.com/lahore/deals/Iftar

Islamabad: http://tossdown.com/islamabad/deals/Iftar

Karachi: http://tossdown.com/karachi/deals/Iftar

Ramadan 2011 – Sehri and Iftari Deals in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad

Ramadan 2011 Lahore Sehri Deals:

Shezan Regale Lahore (Sehri Buffet, Rs. 346 Tax included)

The Spot (Park Plaza Hotel) Lahore (Sehri Buffet, Rs. 632 Tax included)

Marco Polo (PC) Lahore (Sehri Buffet, Rs. 810 Tax included)

Dhaba Lahore (Sehri Buffet, Rs. 578 Tax included)

Salt n Pepper Grill Lahore (Sehri Buffet, Monday – Friday Rs. 290 Tax included, Sat – Sun Rs. 522 Tax included)

Coffee Tea & Company Lahore (Sehri Platter, Rs. 650 Tax included)

Pancake Lounge  Lahore (Sehri Platter, Rs. 375 Tax included)

Maisonette Nauratan Lahore (Sehri Buffet, Rs. 449 Tax included)

Salt n Pepper Village Lahore (Sehri Buffet, Rs. 347 Tax included)

Bar-B-Q Tonight Lahore (Sehri only on Sundays, Rs. 650 Tax included)

Dream Lounge Lahore (Sehri Buffet, Rs. 345 Tax included)

Ramadan Iftar and Sehri deals at restaurants across pakistan

Eating out is the biggest entertainment while you are in Pakistan but in the month of Ramadan iftar buffets become a festivity. Most iftaris have to be planned out because we feel 30 days aren’t enough to enjoy the scrumptious array of meals you get around your city.
This year around tossdown.com brings the hottest iftari and sehri deals from eatouts across you city. These deals have all the necessary information for you to make your decision.
So go ahead see what you like.

Iftar Deals in your city