tossdown beefs up the search

We beefed up the search. Till now we didn’t like our search, I know, we didn’t as well and we were just busy gathering data. Now that we had a bit of that, it was about time we put up a nice ‘show’ while giving it you.

tossdown search

tossdown search

Have a look at the ‘Refine Search’ on the side which could be used to refine your search results. The results are displayed both in a list format and also as real-time map locations. We would like you to use this and give us the feedback, that’s the only thing important for us. Mobile App Beta Launched

We launched a working beta for the flashlite based mobile application. For all those handsets that are flashlite enabled can now simply copy the app and run it. It needs an active *GPRS connection.

*Charges may apply according to your GPRS plan.

Application Features:

  • Search eatouts in your city according to foodtype & area.
  • Search deals in your city
  • View exclusive discount e-coupons

Screens Mobile App 320 X 240 Mobile App 320 X 240 Mobile App 320 X 240 Mobile App 320 X 240

Known Issues:

  1. Connectivity issues in Windows Mobile Platform
  2. Not saving preferences at the moment.
  3. Other performance issues.

We are in constant development and improvement of this application. Understanding the growing market for blackberry & iphone, we would be also releasing an app compatible with these 2 platforms as well.

If you have any suggestions please write to us at:

Food Chains in Pakistan with multiple branches takes a bold step in managing eatouts with multiple outlets. Now you can view information on each and every outlet for KFC, Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, AFC & Nandos. This is a much needed information specially when you are looking for the ‘nearest’ outlet for any of these food chains. We hope to add and update food chains and their outlets both local and international as we move further in our hunt of finding dine out places across Pakistan. Till then we would like you to bear with us. updates its mobile portal for the Blackberry browser specially and also gets a ‘Facelift’. Now you have the ‘Eatout Portal in your Palm’. You will not only get access to basic information such as phone nos and addresses but also find places that have wifi & outdoor sitting, buffet or free delivery. You can also read user reviews within your mobile browser and deciede where you would like to go. This and much more coming soon… Mobile Browser Mobile Browser

Sabir Daal Chawal, Main Market, Lahore

Again its late in the night and we are searching for food, yes exotic food jaded with all the fancy places we holed out to the tight little streets that offshoot from fancy busy markets. We had affirmative information about this Daal/Chawal place in Main Market and we were going to find it and so we did. Eyeing spying and interrogating bystanders we finally reached our destination just opposite K.M. Store in a street just beside an optician there it was ‘Sabir Daal Chawal’ with a sweet little board naming its brand.
We sat behind the man hosting the huge dishes. The moment we settled our eye caught the rate list right on the wall, not something to worry about at all and still you are promised good food and we immediately put this promise to a test. We order ourselves, daal/chawal with a tikki, we didn’t have much choice on the menu although you can add a boiled egg for your liking, along with clear sodas. The very first bite everyone looked at each other and confirmed the good taste. Just as we were informed, it was really delicious and yes to mention here very hygienic as well. Imagine a plate of boiled white rice with daal topped with pickled salad and a potato tikki along with chatni, easily makes your mouth water just as it is doing for me while I mention this all. I think it was a great casual meal that’s not at all heavy on the pocket neither importantly on the health and plus you get to have a good time and the feeling of dining out. Its something we would recommend to people not living with their families to have everyday even, honestly its that good.

Daal Chawal

Daal Chawal

KB Burgers, Islamia Park

After seeing its appetizing logo on we set out to hunt this place down. Having heard its one of the oldest fast food places in Lahore really added to the thrill. After a bit of a fumble we hit right where it was (behind the govt quarters on the famous chaborji chowk). Let me add we asked a couple of other people before actually going there and to our surprise we ran into some hardcore fans of the place saying they have been eating KB Burgers since their childhood.
As the name suggest this eatout only offers burgers & sandwiches with the menu being dominated by beef. Most of us ordered beef as for me I had to try chicken and so we divided a couple of double beef & double chicken amongst ourselves. The food prepared quick enough and so we sat upon it. The burgers looked typical of the Lahori style burgers which do have something peculiar about them i.e. they are bit on the desi side. Now the first few bites put my buds to skepticism and we finally decided upon the fact that people from this part of Lahore have their own taste and then in the next few moments the topic was the hottest on the table upto the point of us opening our burgers. We have to be careful when our word becomes public. Hence, deciding upon the myth and terming it delicious. The ambience was tidy and the food had its own unique taste that might not hit you the very first time but having seen packs of people eating burgers we were convinced on the notion of coming back to the place as soon as we can. We recommend a visit it’s something you have to try atleast once if you are living in Lahore.

Double Chicken Burger

Double Chicken Burger Discount Partnerships signs partnerships agreements with few of the respectable eatouts across the city of Lahore, bringing promising its visitors some unique dining experience and promising a higher level of hospitality by just being tossdown users.
These eatouts include Tiramisu, Chez Nur, Chocolate Stampede, Papaya Dog & Sholay Restaurant where users can simply dine and tell them their discount code for the current week and get access to discounts. Our partners are also quite courteous towards their fans so if you are one don’t get surprised to receive a cake on your birthday or an invitation for dinner, after all you are using and we say “this is what eating out has become”.
Please click here for a complete list of eatouts offering discounts. mobile app coming soon!

We at tossdown understand the eating out industry and we know when you are ‘out’ eating you don’t have your computers with you, ofcoarse not. Keeping this in mind tossdown plans to give its users a mobile application that simply installs in the phone and provides access to all important tossdown features on the go! Heres a sneak peak of how the application will look like.


Those of you who are not registered with, please register for a private beta here.

Islamabad & Rawalpindi Data

When dealing with twins its always better to deal them together and that’s exactly what we did. Our team set out to mark the streets of the picturesque city of Islamabad and the busy bustling city of Rawalpindi in one go. We managed to get as much of information as we could for our users and are now avidly waiting for round 2 where we bring details on how to get the exact type of food.

tossdown Ramadan packs a bunch of features for Ramadan. By featuring virtually every deal out there, we sent out a message to our users telling them that we really care about them in the month where they really care about good food. Besides that we managed to solve the infamous moon sighting problem with ‘Dynamic Moon’.