Barcelos launch has been officially confirmed – Press Release

Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken – Launching This Month in Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan -12 July 2014
Barcelos, an authentic Portuguese restaurant specializing in Peri Peri Flame Grilled Chicken will be opening its flagship Pakistan location in Gulberg Lahore later this month.

The Barcelos Story

Starting from a single location over 20 years ago in Pretoria, South Africa, Barcelos has grown to over 160 locations in 16 countries throughout Africa and around the globe including Canada, the UK, Singapore, Mauritius, Dubai, Oman and now Pakistan.

With guiding principles rooted in family, tradition, and history, Barcelos is focused on providing exceptional quality and value in a relaxed and convenient dining environment for a diverse range of cultures.

Barcelos brings to market a diverse product offering that is exceptionally well suited to the Pakistani palette; including flame-grilled chicken with authentic Per-Peri marinades, family dining options, beef products, burgers, wraps, salads, sides, and much more.

Flagship Location

Our flagship location, a 6000 sq ft facility originally designed by Nayyer Ali Dada and adapted for Barcelos by Architects Inc., is strategically located right on the beautiful Main Blvd in Gulberg Lahore, adjacent to Mall One. The restaurant is designed to be a welcoming escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and features 180 seats with a serene courtyard, open kitchen, and private party room.

Barcelos Pakistan

With plans to expand to markets throughout the country, the Master Franchisee of Barcelos in Pakistan, Guidance Holdings, is pleased to be a part of the Barcelos International Family. Throughout our growth, our singular focus will be on exceptional management through attention to detail and focus on the customer experience.

To that end, Barcelos is managed by a best in class team with experience in all major facets of international franchises. Innovative models that merge global best practices with over 20 years of localized knowledge will allow us to create a wonderful dining experience for our customers.

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Barcelos Flamed Grilled Chicken to open soon in Lahore

“Galo de Barcelos chegou em Lahore” meaning “The Rooster of Barcelos has arrived in lahore”. Yes, this is true, the famous Portuguese flamed grilled chicken restaurant and the direct competition to the world famous Nandos Chain has arrived in Lahore, right on the famous main boulevard Lahore pluming its elegant feathers and getting ready to serve all grilled chicken lovers in Lahore. According to their press release they are launching this month.

Barcelos Lahore

Barcelos Lahore

Barcelos, started in 1993 from Pretoria South Africa, is named after the Portugese town of Barcelos – also known as the town of the rooster.

Barcelos is going to be a good addition to the lahore dining out scene. The place is around Rs. 600 per pax which is great value these days. They also have family deals for larger groups. The interior is very clean and spacious. There will be more details very soon. For updates please visit

Best Burger in Town or Best Idea in Town


It was a bright sunny day on the 13th of feb, yes one day before love hits planet earth in its most pompous manner. We thought we beat most lovers and start a day before and also add a bit of adventure. BYOB is the next best thing in lahore food scene with the food scene itself being the best. So we packed our bags got our supplies and left for the deserts on DHA Phase 8 about 30km from my house in Model Town and after much asking around for directions we reached the end of the world to find our selves at a great open setup. We were greeted by the staff and the owner herself who explained us how to order right (very helpful of her) and we ordered 2 beef burgers and built it to match our individual taste buds. Yes if were younger we would also lovingly argue here and there (meri wali cheezein order karo, pineapple kyon liya mujhe nahin pasand forgetting for a while the famous ‘to each his own’ – kher lovers!) The food came and the first look of it was impressive and so was the first bite to it. These people know their burgers but need to pay a tad bit more attention to their meat. The beef was chunks in some bites and it may need more smoking but overall a very good burger. If not the best, definately one of the best admitting gunsmoke still is mature in this domain without the hype. For ideas yes very unique for pakistan and great too. Overall it was a good experience and ofcoarse meats could be improved and although the adventure sounds like fun but action is in the city centre and i believe coming to a more accessible location would be game changer not only for them but the gourmet burger industry of lahore. P.S You need to read carefully while making your burger. People with attention deficiency like me can almost bankrupt themselves – See more at:

Caju Cafe Lahore – The Impressive New kid in the local restaurant scene!

Cafe Cafe recently opened its doors to the local restaurant scene. The much needed break of good food rather than an effort that would put the restaurant industry to shame. It has a decent interior and good food. Exactly what you need for decent place to dine at. Confirmed by our toughest reviewers heres what rasikh has to say:

Royal Caju Chicken

Royal Caju Chicken


After hearing a lots…reading a lots… (not ur review dazling) and not taking the hint of ordering one what u ordered too dazzling (ehehhe)… well i landed the place with friend….it was ”ainwain” dinnner..well i reached the place..and prayed its good coz i have my bad shares with good places… so i entered the den the first impression was not i entered and was on stairs…i saw that they had some old time stairs with cement missing and a little worn out kind of stuff.. but as i entered the place it totally changed my view, the place was chic , with nice decor, fancy lighting, comfy seating, friendly staff with a bar counter at far end…. i took a look at the menu and asked the attendant to guide whats their specialty and he pointed in bbq platter (paksitani style) as we all had enuff pakistani in eid days so i skipped that.i wanted something lesser spicy, tender …we ordered royal chicken… in the mean while a coke as starter ws ordered..hehehehe…well the coke was a turn down…it ws not chilled and i dont like having my drinks specially the carbonated ones with ice….well i got it replaced and the new one was cold..still not chilled…

we chatted and the food arrived…the presentation was impressive and the quantity seemed good…the crockery and cutlery was top notch, the chicken pieces were topped with jalapenos and if i m not forgetting with some cashews. …after taking the pics…and examining the meal.. i held my food fighting tools and made the first cut…i guess the chicken was with skin…i tried to find out..but this thought came to my mind when i ended the meal so was too late… any ways..the chicken was perfectly cooked and the knife made an easy cut.. i smeared it with more sauce and yummy it was.. the fries were crisp and awesome and i ate pretty much all of them… as i reached chicken in the middle portion and made cut it was stuffed with more jalapenos… i chewed slowly and ate the whole meal ina slow pace..i wanted to enjoy every bite of it…and surely i did..

the staff is pretty friendly with smiley faces and they know their menu pretty well, and if asked explain the dish to you creating a picture fo it.. ambiance pretty nice and they listen to you…

surely gonna hit this place again..and this time its gonna be the real test..the beef steak…

Keep it up guys..recommended full time without slightest of hesitation

Noodle House Reviewed as Craaa-aazy Good!

After being a launched some months ago, its slowly picking  up a beat in a rather conventional Lahore dining out scene, where people have not yet open to trying more diversified Asian Cuisines. Heres what OB had to say about their visit:


Teriyaki Beef

Teriyaki Beef


Wah Noodle Housa – Khush kar ditta eee

Disclaimer: Not for the faint of heart and stuck ups!

Last night – 9:00 pm, Lahore – heavy drizzle – we making plans of where to eat. Although Noodle house was on top of our list and one of our friends wanted the ‘Pad Thai’ ever since he saw my photo shared on tossdown, but the rain and water blocked roads were too much however, owing to our dogged persistent we reached the noodle house and settled in. The staff is one of the best here and the first thing I was asked if I am here for the first time and if I wanted any help to know how this work (you actually have to tick the menu items you need to order and give the slip away however you have a life line and can ask the order taker for his help at any time). The first thing we ticked was pad thai and thanks to earlier reviews of Noodle house we ticked the ‘Wasabi Prawns’, ‘Terriyaki Beef’ and ‘Chicken with Cashew Nuts’. While we were looking around appreciating the ambiance, our prawns were there, sitting gorgeously over each other, topped with exquisite sauces.
Mind you from here we will use CHOPSTICKS to eat which were fixed up by the order takers with some rubber bands for us to use perfectly :) Quite an experience. First bit of the prawns and we confirm each other of the great taste munching our prawns with open, excited eyes :)

After a little wait there came our Pad Thai, the wasabi beef, and Chicken with Cashew nuts. I helped everyone with the noodle, please note that Noodle house is all about Casual Fun dining, you could be messy so take it easy, its NOT A FINE DINE! and this is evident when they don’t even give you pouring spoons its the way it is live with it and RELAX, loosen up.

Next up Terriyaki Beef, craa-aazy good. I have never had such beef – just like marshmallow. And then Chicken Cashew nuts was great too. We had not only great food by now but also an awesome experience so when asked about the dessert we immediately asked for a suggestion and Bean Donuts were recommended.

Now this is where Noodle House Buys us off. These donuts came with a mango sauce, just amazing so much so that we had to try another dessert, just for the heck of it. We went from diners to food adventurers and ordered the green tea ice-cream. The presentation for which was awesome too but for first timers the donuts are a must try!

Overall, it was more than dining for us, more like an experience of asian food adventure from starters to desserts and eating with chop sticks, it was all a delight. I recommend this place, hands down but only one thing to keep in mind ‘Loosen Up’

Chez Nur Doodh Patti – Contemporary Lahori Tea House

Chez Nur Launched Doodh Patti and answerd prayers of all lahori tea lovers :)
Chez Nur - Doodh Patti

Chez Nur – Doodh Patti

Heres what OB has to say about the place before you visit:

“Zid Na Kar Sohniya – Mein Ap bara Ziddi Aan

This title fits ‘Raza’ quite well, the man behind Chez Nur’s ever changing interior and food because of his determination to bring variety to the local dining out scene. 
There is another reason I used this as the title – that when you visit the place.
Chez Nur started off being the first french restaurant in Lahore and ever since there was no looking back. They have served us lahoris with great moroccon bbq, sheesha and now promise to bring one of the best local tea time. Yes its now going to be about samosas, gulag jamun and masala fries from now on instead of the Coffee and Cup cakes. 
First off the ambiance – contemporary lahori tea house interior, music: a fusion of everything from a sad ghazal, bibi sanam jana to hip hop. Now straight to Food: I was offered the mai baap of the menu – the platter with desserts that had almost everything off the menu. 
But first off is the doodh patti, so far thats the only tea I have tried from the array of tea types they are offering, one of which also included the ‘Karak Chai’. I hate the tea bag teas I think it was a way of giving us more torture and hurt to our culture – yes I am that sensitive about my Chai. The doodh patti was good very nicely done and I could taste the real tea, every sip of it That is also evident form the malai that is jam-ming on the top of the tea :p
Now to the platter – it had Samosas, a kichori, lahori masala fish (very nice) and masala fries (super), chana chaat and potato kabobs. Everything was very nicely done except for the chaat, a bit dry I would say. 
The desserts included Gulab Jamun and Shahi Tukray – let me tell you these were the best shahi tukray I’ve ever had! I am glad finally we have a place like Islambad’s ‘Chai khana’ in Lahore. My first suggestion to them would introduce breakfast with their tea. Plzzz 

Noodle House – amazing Pad Thai, fun casual dining

Pad Thai

It is listed at number 5 on World’s 50 most delicious foods readers’ poll compiled by CNN Go in 2011

Pad Thai @ The Noodle House

Pad Thai @ The Noodle House

Eating the dish just recently at a place that does it best -The Noodle House, I feel I have gone a step higher as a foodie! I’ve been hearing about this new place in town, reading reviews on tossdown but never had the chance to go to the place. I was in a fix with mixed reviews – I just met 2 types of people who either love the place or don’t. So firstly I’d like to thank the generosity of The Noodle House management by inviting me over so I could give a try to their ‘Casual’ dining. Yes to my surprise contrary to what I had imagined of the place, its a hip place, casual dining, extremely courteous or in other words ‘cool’ staff that can help you order the right dish, explain it and also help you how to eat it the RIGHT WAY.
The chef came to the table gave me a couple of suggestions and because I had zero to none experience whatsoever at this place, he recommended the Pad Thai. Ive heard of this dish and have never tried so I immediately agreed.
Minutes later a nice plate filled with gorgeous noodles in its belly came to the table with assorted toppings – crushed peanuts, fried egg, red and green chillis. I poured some for me taking a prawn or 2 with the serving, topped it with red chilli and lemon, digger my fork into it and wrapped a bunch of noodles nicely around it. I pulled the fork towards my mouth, skeptical, but it was heaven when the flavours touched my taste buds. Gorgeous in taste just like it looked. It had depth, just like any asian cuisine there is an array of flavors unleashing on my palette – rich.
I recommend this place to any foodie incase they haven’t tried it ever or if they had Pad Thai from somewhere else, I can with all my experience say Noodle House does it one of the best!

Pizza at Malee’s Cafe – the way it should be!

Malee’s Cafe might ring a bell for many if they are avid pizza lovers and actually make it a point to devour pizza on a regular basis. Malee’s has an extensive menu covering a wide variety of dishes ranging from BBQ, to continental. But the menu intentionally leans towards an entire section devoted just to pizzas, which of course happens to be their specialty.

Chicken Supreme Pizza at Malee's Cafe'

Chicken Supreme Pizza at Malee's Cafe'

Their pizzas are rich in flavor with just the right amount of cheese oozing between the toppings. Malee’s pizzas come as a fresh breath of air amid the typically oily and desi-styled pizzas currently on a rampage in the country. The deep pan crust has a nice homemade touch to it and is not too fluffy with just the right level of crispiness. The fruits, veges and meat all have an equal part to play in their delectable toppings, with not one completely overpowering the other. This great balance is what makes these pizzas stand out.

Pizza at Malee's Cafe

Pizza at Malee's Cafe

Pizza party at Malee’s is sure to appease your heartening appetites, because you just cannot go wrong with delicious food and the tossdown privilege member card safely tucked in your wallet.

Malee's Cafe

Malee's Cafe

Superstar gets beaten by buddies

Ok I had to do this. I had to find out what the fuss was about once I ate the superstar. There I said to myself this cant be the best that Hardees has to offer ‘cuz it aint that good’. So I decided on trying the others. It took me a couple of trips till I could come up with the conclusion hence the time that this researched consumed was the most time consuming I have done in my life. I hope I could’ve worked this hard for my college.
Anyways, this time around we decided on getting different burgers each and so we sat down with the superstar, Jalapeno Burger, Mushroom and Swiss Thick burger and a Big Burger with Cheese.  I started off with the jalapeno burger, not that great honestly so lets move on. See my problem with Hardees till that moment was its very flat taste, my taste buds hardly wake up during the course of eating 200 pounds of beef. We Pakistanis need a little salt in our stuff and we pass out everything else as tasteless.  However, when I bit on the swiss burger, thankfully it got the taste buds running. It was a pleaser of a mouthful especially for someone who likes mushrooms. The different tastes, yes I repeat tastes this time around, combined with the meat was all that you would like your food to be. Moving on to the Big burger. It was again something that was really flavorsome. It tastes like the royal burger from another fast food joint bit a little better because of Hardees superior bun quality. So heres our top chart for Hardees.
Hardees TOP 4
1. Mushroom Swiss Burger
2. Big Cheese Burger
3. Superstar
4. Jalapeno Burger

Superstar sitting proud

Please see that there is still more of Hardees to be explored, like their chicken burgers. For now this is what we got.

Hardees Hits Hard

Lahore is all about eating out; that is why was born here and now the Hardees Boys are in town. Somehow they have had a good research done, so it seems, chose the best place to launch their brand and they weren’t disappointed at all. I am sure every management will feel fluffy to see people killing to get inside to have a ‘piece of their meat’ as they call it at hardees. We were lucky to squeeze in at the mark and when we saw a long line we were a bit perplexed, couldn’t decide to stay or leave but we had to do it, it was our ‘job’. Imagine that’s what we do for a living, eat.

It took us a good hour to reach the counter but it wasn’t all that bad in the line as well. Sometimes you just need that sort of an entertainment as well. Inching every 5 minutes towards the counter looking around fishing for stuff that might amuse us and if it was good enough we would share it with you. So yeah besides the loads we dissolved, the interior needs a praise with a lot of sun pouring in. Its November and things looked pleasant we are not sure how they would take June. The seating was a bit unusual as well; besides the usual benches they had those high chairs that you may find in a giants dining room and some real contemporary seats and chair setups, pretty funky I would say.
Ok ok I can hear your stomachs growl but hey you have to wait till we did in the line. Just kidding! Lets get to the point, we reach the counter and order their main stuff i.e. Super Star and Hardees Original Thick Burger. They handed us our order tent and our glasses so we could fill in the drinks as much as we could. I repeat its drink as much as you can but don’t you guys go crazy on the soda. Too much can make you hyper! Atleast that’s what the moms say. The orders were delivered in about 5 minutes and that food was the prettiest of sights I have seen. Nicely half wrapped HUGE burgers. Mind you the biggest we have seen, exactly what our lahori tummys were yerning for. Besides them were laying those graceful crisp fries. As soon as the burgers hits the deck we took the chips and landed straight on our taste buds and they dived straight down our throats as if they were more desperate and waiting than us. Beautiful exotic taste. They actually felt like real fries unlike the plastic ones we get at other fast food joints. Now to the burgers. We had to pick these beefed babys carefully and put them in our mouth and taste every cubic mm of what they had to offer. Nice juicy burger, tossed with fresh veggies and soft buns. Trust me we know burgers like no other and these were amazing burgers. I would rate the super star better than the original one. Great food nice ambience great service. We loved it and the taste still lingers onto me like the good old first love. You must try it.

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