Caju Cafe Lahore – The Impressive New kid in the local restaurant scene!

Cafe Cafe recently opened its doors to the local restaurant scene. The much needed break of good food rather than an effort that would put the restaurant industry to shame. It has a decent interior and good food. Exactly what you need for decent place to dine at. Confirmed by our toughest reviewers heres what rasikh has to say:

Royal Caju Chicken

Royal Caju Chicken


After hearing a lots…reading a lots… (not ur review dazling) and not taking the hint of ordering one what u ordered too dazzling (ehehhe)… well i landed the place with friend….it was ”ainwain” dinnner..well i reached the place..and prayed its good coz i have my bad shares with good places… so i entered the den the first impression was not i entered and was on stairs…i saw that they had some old time stairs with cement missing and a little worn out kind of stuff.. but as i entered the place it totally changed my view, the place was chic , with nice decor, fancy lighting, comfy seating, friendly staff with a bar counter at far end…. i took a look at the menu and asked the attendant to guide whats their specialty and he pointed in bbq platter (paksitani style) as we all had enuff pakistani in eid days so i skipped that.i wanted something lesser spicy, tender …we ordered royal chicken… in the mean while a coke as starter ws ordered..hehehehe…well the coke was a turn down…it ws not chilled and i dont like having my drinks specially the carbonated ones with ice….well i got it replaced and the new one was cold..still not chilled…

we chatted and the food arrived…the presentation was impressive and the quantity seemed good…the crockery and cutlery was top notch, the chicken pieces were topped with jalapenos and if i m not forgetting with some cashews. …after taking the pics…and examining the meal.. i held my food fighting tools and made the first cut…i guess the chicken was with skin…i tried to find out..but this thought came to my mind when i ended the meal so was too late… any ways..the chicken was perfectly cooked and the knife made an easy cut.. i smeared it with more sauce and yummy it was.. the fries were crisp and awesome and i ate pretty much all of them… as i reached chicken in the middle portion and made cut it was stuffed with more jalapenos… i chewed slowly and ate the whole meal ina slow pace..i wanted to enjoy every bite of it…and surely i did..

the staff is pretty friendly with smiley faces and they know their menu pretty well, and if asked explain the dish to you creating a picture fo it.. ambiance pretty nice and they listen to you…

surely gonna hit this place again..and this time its gonna be the real test..the beef steak…

Keep it up guys..recommended full time without slightest of hesitation

Chez Nur Doodh Patti – Contemporary Lahori Tea House

Chez Nur Launched Doodh Patti and answerd prayers of all lahori tea lovers :)
Chez Nur - Doodh Patti

Chez Nur – Doodh Patti

Heres what OB has to say about the place before you visit:

“Zid Na Kar Sohniya – Mein Ap bara Ziddi Aan

This title fits ‘Raza’ quite well, the man behind Chez Nur’s ever changing interior and food because of his determination to bring variety to the local dining out scene. 
There is another reason I used this as the title – that when you visit the place.
Chez Nur started off being the first french restaurant in Lahore and ever since there was no looking back. They have served us lahoris with great moroccon bbq, sheesha and now promise to bring one of the best local tea time. Yes its now going to be about samosas, gulag jamun and masala fries from now on instead of the Coffee and Cup cakes. 
First off the ambiance – contemporary lahori tea house interior, music: a fusion of everything from a sad ghazal, bibi sanam jana to hip hop. Now straight to Food: I was offered the mai baap of the menu – the platter with desserts that had almost everything off the menu. 
But first off is the doodh patti, so far thats the only tea I have tried from the array of tea types they are offering, one of which also included the ‘Karak Chai’. I hate the tea bag teas I think it was a way of giving us more torture and hurt to our culture – yes I am that sensitive about my Chai. The doodh patti was good very nicely done and I could taste the real tea, every sip of it That is also evident form the malai that is jam-ming on the top of the tea :p
Now to the platter – it had Samosas, a kichori, lahori masala fish (very nice) and masala fries (super), chana chaat and potato kabobs. Everything was very nicely done except for the chaat, a bit dry I would say. 
The desserts included Gulab Jamun and Shahi Tukray – let me tell you these were the best shahi tukray I’ve ever had! I am glad finally we have a place like Islambad’s ‘Chai khana’ in Lahore. My first suggestion to them would introduce breakfast with their tea. Plzzz 

Pizza at Malee’s Cafe – the way it should be!

Malee’s Cafe might ring a bell for many if they are avid pizza lovers and actually make it a point to devour pizza on a regular basis. Malee’s has an extensive menu covering a wide variety of dishes ranging from BBQ, to continental. But the menu intentionally leans towards an entire section devoted just to pizzas, which of course happens to be their specialty.

Chicken Supreme Pizza at Malee's Cafe'

Chicken Supreme Pizza at Malee's Cafe'

Their pizzas are rich in flavor with just the right amount of cheese oozing between the toppings. Malee’s pizzas come as a fresh breath of air amid the typically oily and desi-styled pizzas currently on a rampage in the country. The deep pan crust has a nice homemade touch to it and is not too fluffy with just the right level of crispiness. The fruits, veges and meat all have an equal part to play in their delectable toppings, with not one completely overpowering the other. This great balance is what makes these pizzas stand out.

Pizza at Malee's Cafe

Pizza at Malee's Cafe

Pizza party at Malee’s is sure to appease your heartening appetites, because you just cannot go wrong with delicious food and the tossdown privilege member card safely tucked in your wallet.

Malee's Cafe

Malee's Cafe

Best, Ghalib Market Lahore (Halwa Puri)

When it comes to a Sunday morning in Lahore the hottest words are Halwa puri. Believe it or not its like a ritual of the place to have a halva puri on a Sunday morning for most us lahoris and we religiously follow it specially when we have a guest over outside the city, or friends over for the night or early morning Sunday cricket match or just a family holiday breakfast well see that’s what we mean when we say Halva Puri is synonymous to a Sunday morning in Lahore.
Just because this is one of the famous dishes of the city we have bunch loads of options but most of the good ones are in the interior city which seems to be a tedious job in itself, however there are a couple of good ones scattered around the city and we found one just in gulberg, Ghalib Market. Recommended by our friend tossdown team went straight to toss some halva puri and chanas. Before anything I would say it was a beautiful cool breezy January morning with the sun just pouring in mildly and the breeze making the green dance over you. Now in this kinda of an aura you would love anything and so we did when our fresh puris reached the table. Funny thing about the lahoris, we attack it the moment it lands no matter if we are sitting at a dhaba or a fine dine its just our style and we say we know eating better than anyone. Maybe we are just keen to analyse the food or maybe we just love it too much to stay away. Hands down the puris were good above average compared to the best in town, the chanas were average and so was the halwa but surprisingly the chicken kachori was politely delicious. We ate without complains and a loads of laughter (noting about the food just personal jokes) but at all times keeping in our mind the responsibility of tossdown and brining you our exact experience at the place. We followed it with tea from a neighboring tea stall, which was great and like I said the entire experience we had no complains. We suggest you pay a visit to the place, it deserves it specially due to the environment and the puris.