Barcelos launch has been officially confirmed – Press Release

Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken – Launching This Month in Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan -12 July 2014
Barcelos, an authentic Portuguese restaurant specializing in Peri Peri Flame Grilled Chicken will be opening its flagship Pakistan location in Gulberg Lahore later this month.

The Barcelos Story

Starting from a single location over 20 years ago in Pretoria, South Africa, Barcelos has grown to over 160 locations in 16 countries throughout Africa and around the globe including Canada, the UK, Singapore, Mauritius, Dubai, Oman and now Pakistan.

With guiding principles rooted in family, tradition, and history, Barcelos is focused on providing exceptional quality and value in a relaxed and convenient dining environment for a diverse range of cultures.

Barcelos brings to market a diverse product offering that is exceptionally well suited to the Pakistani palette; including flame-grilled chicken with authentic Per-Peri marinades, family dining options, beef products, burgers, wraps, salads, sides, and much more.

Flagship Location

Our flagship location, a 6000 sq ft facility originally designed by Nayyer Ali Dada and adapted for Barcelos by Architects Inc., is strategically located right on the beautiful Main Blvd in Gulberg Lahore, adjacent to Mall One. The restaurant is designed to be a welcoming escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and features 180 seats with a serene courtyard, open kitchen, and private party room.

Barcelos Pakistan

With plans to expand to markets throughout the country, the Master Franchisee of Barcelos in Pakistan, Guidance Holdings, is pleased to be a part of the Barcelos International Family. Throughout our growth, our singular focus will be on exceptional management through attention to detail and focus on the customer experience.

To that end, Barcelos is managed by a best in class team with experience in all major facets of international franchises. Innovative models that merge global best practices with over 20 years of localized knowledge will allow us to create a wonderful dining experience for our customers.

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Barcelos Flamed Grilled Chicken to open soon in Lahore

“Galo de Barcelos chegou em Lahore” meaning “The Rooster of Barcelos has arrived in lahore”. Yes, this is true, the famous Portuguese flamed grilled chicken restaurant and the direct competition to the world famous Nandos Chain has arrived in Lahore, right on the famous main boulevard Lahore pluming its elegant feathers and getting ready to serve all grilled chicken lovers in Lahore. According to their press release they are launching this month.

Barcelos Lahore

Barcelos Lahore

Barcelos, started in 1993 from Pretoria South Africa, is named after the Portugese town of Barcelos – also known as the town of the rooster.

Barcelos is going to be a good addition to the lahore dining out scene. The place is around Rs. 600 per pax which is great value these days. They also have family deals for larger groups. The interior is very clean and spacious. There will be more details very soon. For updates please visit

Noodle House – amazing Pad Thai, fun casual dining

Pad Thai

It is listed at number 5 on World’s 50 most delicious foods readers’ poll compiled by CNN Go in 2011

Pad Thai @ The Noodle House

Pad Thai @ The Noodle House

Eating the dish just recently at a place that does it best -The Noodle House, I feel I have gone a step higher as a foodie! I’ve been hearing about this new place in town, reading reviews on tossdown but never had the chance to go to the place. I was in a fix with mixed reviews – I just met 2 types of people who either love the place or don’t. So firstly I’d like to thank the generosity of The Noodle House management by inviting me over so I could give a try to their ‘Casual’ dining. Yes to my surprise contrary to what I had imagined of the place, its a hip place, casual dining, extremely courteous or in other words ‘cool’ staff that can help you order the right dish, explain it and also help you how to eat it the RIGHT WAY.
The chef came to the table gave me a couple of suggestions and because I had zero to none experience whatsoever at this place, he recommended the Pad Thai. Ive heard of this dish and have never tried so I immediately agreed.
Minutes later a nice plate filled with gorgeous noodles in its belly came to the table with assorted toppings – crushed peanuts, fried egg, red and green chillis. I poured some for me taking a prawn or 2 with the serving, topped it with red chilli and lemon, digger my fork into it and wrapped a bunch of noodles nicely around it. I pulled the fork towards my mouth, skeptical, but it was heaven when the flavours touched my taste buds. Gorgeous in taste just like it looked. It had depth, just like any asian cuisine there is an array of flavors unleashing on my palette – rich.
I recommend this place to any foodie incase they haven’t tried it ever or if they had Pad Thai from somewhere else, I can with all my experience say Noodle House does it one of the best!

Pizza at Malee’s Cafe – the way it should be!

Malee’s Cafe might ring a bell for many if they are avid pizza lovers and actually make it a point to devour pizza on a regular basis. Malee’s has an extensive menu covering a wide variety of dishes ranging from BBQ, to continental. But the menu intentionally leans towards an entire section devoted just to pizzas, which of course happens to be their specialty.

Chicken Supreme Pizza at Malee's Cafe'

Chicken Supreme Pizza at Malee's Cafe'

Their pizzas are rich in flavor with just the right amount of cheese oozing between the toppings. Malee’s pizzas come as a fresh breath of air amid the typically oily and desi-styled pizzas currently on a rampage in the country. The deep pan crust has a nice homemade touch to it and is not too fluffy with just the right level of crispiness. The fruits, veges and meat all have an equal part to play in their delectable toppings, with not one completely overpowering the other. This great balance is what makes these pizzas stand out.

Pizza at Malee's Cafe

Pizza at Malee's Cafe

Pizza party at Malee’s is sure to appease your heartening appetites, because you just cannot go wrong with delicious food and the tossdown privilege member card safely tucked in your wallet.

Malee's Cafe

Malee's Cafe

Hardees Hits Hard

Lahore is all about eating out; that is why was born here and now the Hardees Boys are in town. Somehow they have had a good research done, so it seems, chose the best place to launch their brand and they weren’t disappointed at all. I am sure every management will feel fluffy to see people killing to get inside to have a ‘piece of their meat’ as they call it at hardees. We were lucky to squeeze in at the mark and when we saw a long line we were a bit perplexed, couldn’t decide to stay or leave but we had to do it, it was our ‘job’. Imagine that’s what we do for a living, eat.

It took us a good hour to reach the counter but it wasn’t all that bad in the line as well. Sometimes you just need that sort of an entertainment as well. Inching every 5 minutes towards the counter looking around fishing for stuff that might amuse us and if it was good enough we would share it with you. So yeah besides the loads we dissolved, the interior needs a praise with a lot of sun pouring in. Its November and things looked pleasant we are not sure how they would take June. The seating was a bit unusual as well; besides the usual benches they had those high chairs that you may find in a giants dining room and some real contemporary seats and chair setups, pretty funky I would say.
Ok ok I can hear your stomachs growl but hey you have to wait till we did in the line. Just kidding! Lets get to the point, we reach the counter and order their main stuff i.e. Super Star and Hardees Original Thick Burger. They handed us our order tent and our glasses so we could fill in the drinks as much as we could. I repeat its drink as much as you can but don’t you guys go crazy on the soda. Too much can make you hyper! Atleast that’s what the moms say. The orders were delivered in about 5 minutes and that food was the prettiest of sights I have seen. Nicely half wrapped HUGE burgers. Mind you the biggest we have seen, exactly what our lahori tummys were yerning for. Besides them were laying those graceful crisp fries. As soon as the burgers hits the deck we took the chips and landed straight on our taste buds and they dived straight down our throats as if they were more desperate and waiting than us. Beautiful exotic taste. They actually felt like real fries unlike the plastic ones we get at other fast food joints. Now to the burgers. We had to pick these beefed babys carefully and put them in our mouth and taste every cubic mm of what they had to offer. Nice juicy burger, tossed with fresh veggies and soft buns. Trust me we know burgers like no other and these were amazing burgers. I would rate the super star better than the original one. Great food nice ambience great service. We loved it and the taste still lingers onto me like the good old first love. You must try it.

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Notorious Kasur Fish- Sheikh Javed Fish Corner

With tossdown shaping up it seemed to be an imperative task on our hands to review the famous Kasur Fish that has been continuously growing on the Lahori crowd ever since its discovery about a couple of years back. Since then it has taken over the fish craze and always comes up in a fish eating discussion; the only thing that stops people to vote for it is just the distance from the city of Lahore which we calculated was about 50KM on Feroze Pur road. So on a beautiful rainy winter morning we made a decision to finally find, eat and review this Kasur Fish escapade.
The very first thing you need to know is that it is highly adventurous leaving the city just to have lunch. With the feroze pur road recently renovated we found it no problem to reach kasur in about an hour of casual driving and ofcoarse chit chat. Kasur is a simpler place to get around and somehow when we entered the main bazaar we ended pretty near the place, however we didn’t know what the name was so we asked and everyone pointed to the Sheikh fish place. I had vague memories of coming here in the past of going inside the tight typical streets of the old kasur urbans and reaching the place. So one milestone was the Noor Mosque, where we parked the car and set on foot in the succinct streets passing small eateries on our way where we saw from fresh French fries to sohan halwa, barfi and all types of sweet. Following the trail we exactly hit the spot and it all came like blast from the past.
Luckily we found the place to sit and the moment we sat a bad news broke of us having to wait for an hour as the place seemed to be jam packed! Yes I mean flooded with frying fish and the people who it belonged to. We tried acting chummy with the waiter telling him we are out of the city but he told us everyone is out of the city but he would do something for us. Well he only said that because our 2kgs reached after an hour really. One thing is for sure the kasuris mean what they say first. We were 4 people and this was more than enough. We ate and ate like mad but it won’t finish but mind you a food has to be extremely edible to be eaten like mad and so it was with the combo of the mint chatni and naans and yes chilled soda to gulp it down. Every bite was cherishable and to the taste. We at tossdown would’ve recommended it before going there, but we wanted to make sure if it’s still as good, before we rekindle the spirit of the kasuri fish. We think this is the right time to go have your meal there before we enter the hot summers where even the word fish becomes unbearable to think of. Although we had more plans to continuing our adventure to the Ganda Singh Border Flag down ceremony that is only 15 mins away from this place, it really is a ritual to be a part of. We suggest you reach the place round lunch time as there is an approx wait of an hour have your meal, have from an array of delectable desert and make your way to the Ganda Sign Border and you would thank tossdown all the way. At 400/kg the extremely delicious fish is also not a bad deal on the pocket.

Fish fresh off the pan (sorry for the poor image quality)

Fish fresh off the pan (sorry for the poor image quality)