A picture is made up of a thousand stories

tossdown comes to Canada as an effort to build a Halal Restaurant guide for the Muslim Community in North America.

But how did it all began?

You have a product that you have been working on for almost a decade now, you think its good enough to build a restaurant database for any city and give its users the freedom to search restaurants based on their choices. It is not that simple. Heres how:

tossdown at Muslim Fest 2016 - Mississauga Canada

tossdown at Muslim Fest 2016 – Mississauga Canada

Most of you would see this picture as a display of marketing effort by tossdown at a certain exhibition (in this case it was Muslim Fest – one of the biggest Muslim Festivals in Canada) to create market awareness. Its empty for now, with a facade of marketing messages.

But for us this is a very emotional site. In this empty static picture, we see a lot of bustle, a lot going on, we see passion, love, loss, adversity and the struggle we had to go through to come to this. The risks that were taken were unimaginable for us and we always thought there was a greater power that was always picking us up when were on the verge.

Ask me, this is a ‘emotional tearing’ moment for us but we wont cry because its not over yet plus we dont have any time to.

This is the beginning and as they say ‘All great things come after adversity’. March on team tossdown!

Thank you Muslim Fest for giving us the opportunity to display a little of what we know so far.


Team tossdown


Loca – Mexican Restaurant Relocates to a new location

Loca – as the name implies is the mexican restaurant thats very dear to the few people that understand the awesomeness of ‘Mexican Cuisine’. It has been there for time now with its prim and proper space just across the road from the infamous Sukh Chain health club in gulberg and now its relocating near the food hub of lahore – MM ALAM road just near the newly opened Burger King.

On a global scale, we Pakistanis are compared to Mexicans and as Pakistanis, Mexican food is the closest you can get to our desi food. Its because most of the mexican food is around kidney beans (lobia as we call it in our local language), rice, bread (similar to our roti) and a lot of spices. One of our global desi favourites is the burrito, its something new to our Pakistani market but Loca is doing all that for us. Its slowly picking up with the tastes buds and Loca not only has good mexican food but also some great desserts, and yes its a nice place to hang out. If you havent been there, we recommend you must!

Directions to the new place: For details please visit http://tossdown.com/locaauthenticmexican

New Location Discount Card

New Location Discount Card

Loca Relocating

Loca Relocating

Burger King finally comes to Lahore

The famous King comes town. It could be a little heart breaking for the Lahoris that the King visited them last although they take pride in being the food Capital of Pakistan and most of the food chains when they come to Pakistan, start off with lahore. Nonetheless, I guess it was a good wait and Mcdonalds has its rival here in Lahore as well.

With the burger trend in Lahore on its rise with amazing local chains keeping up a good fight, its going to be a some adventure for Burger King to sustain once the welcome fireworks go silent.

Burger King

Burger King

But at the same time, we must not forget Burger King is one of the biggest Burger chains in the world and Lahore seems to be complete with its share of the Kings Meal.

For updates and contact details on Burger King Lahore visit its tossdown page:


Fat Burger Lahore – mixed reviews on tossdown

Fat burger is a fast food chain from Beverly Hills, California operating in a dozen countries across the globe. However, anything that comes to lahore is remotely close to being edible gets its due attention. ‘Ek daffa tu zaroor’ (once atleast)

Fat Burger

Fat Burger

Hence, we have road blocks on weekends on roads going to MM ALAM road and people just waiting to get a bite of the place since Fat Burger opened a couple of weeks back in Lahore. The biggest and the brutest of lahori foodies have tasted already and have developed mixed reviews specially our users on tossdown.

In 6 Reviews for Fat burger Pakistan, it has gotten 7.0/10. You can read the reviews here and also share yours so we know where this thing is going! :)


Mcdonalds Winter Deals – Fil-O-Fish & Double-Fil-O-Fish

Mcdonalds Pakistan has announced its 2 winter deals this season:

  1. Fil-O-Fish (with Regular Drink) –  Rs. 195
  2. Double Fil-O-Fish (with Regular Drink) – Rs. 295
Mcdonalds Fil-O-Fish

Mcdonalds Fil-O-Fish


McDonald’s Corporation (NYSEMCD) is the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries.[3][4] Headquartered in the United States, the company began in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald; in 1948 they reorganized their business as a hamburger stand using production line principles. Businessman Ray Kroc joined the company as a franchise agent in 1955. He subsequently purchased the chain from the McDonald brothers and oversaw its worldwide growth.[5]


Iftar Buffet Reservations by tossdown

We are in the last week of Ramadan 2012 and it seems Ramadan is almost over. tossdown launched RES – Table Reservation System when Ramadan started and in the past 3 weeks it has served Hundreds of people in lahore to reserve their iftar at top restaurants in the city. Though tricky it maybe, but it was a risk well taken by our team to introduce a service right on the edge and hopefully in the coming months we see it becoming more acceptable by people reserving for Mother’s Day, Father’s day, birthdays etc.

The list of restaurants that allow table reservation through tossdown

AL-RAAYA  Mughlai Restaurant

* Complimentary drinks on table of min 4 guests

Reserve a Table at AL-RAAYA  Mughlai Restaurant
Cafe Zouk

Cafe Zouk

Iftar Dinner Package

Rs. 1199 Plus tax

* Exclusive discount on a group of 15 plus

Reserve a Table at Cafe Zouk
California Grill

California Grill

All you can eat

Rs. 999 Plus tax

* 10% Discount

Reserve a Table at California Grill
Chez Nur Restaurant

* 10% Discount

Reserve a Table at Chez Nur Restaurant
Opium Thai

Opium Thai

Iftar Buffet

Rs. 899 Plus tax

* Complimentary Drink

Reserve a Table at Opium Thai


Tabaq Iftar/Buffet

Rs. 1195 Tax included

* 10% Discount on minimum 10 people and 8% discount on minimun 5 people

Reserve a Table at TABAQ
The Boulevard Bar And Grill

* Save approx Rs.300 per head

Reserve a Table at The Boulevard Bar And Grill
Ze Grill the art cafe

* Free Mint and Peach Margarita

Reserve a Table at Ze Grill the art cafe
For Reservations:

tossdown Ramadan Restaurant Guide tops all Major Apps on the App Store

tossdown Ramadan Restaurant Guide launched a couple of months ago has just topped all Major Apps such as Facebook, Angry Bird, Twitter etc and is now on #56 on the Local App Store and the 56th most downloaded app and 2nd most downloaded app in Pakistan in the ‘Lifestyle’ Category.

This is a tipping point for us a team who have struggled for a break through for years, since 2008 where people would just rid the idea of a dine out website or an app just about recently. Well interestingly as recently as just last month.

Lets all wish and pray this is a launching pad for our idea.

App on #56

App on #56

App on #87

App on #87

Download the app for your android and iphone http://tossdown.com/app

Iftar Deals in Karachi – Ramadan 2012 Restaurant Guide

Ramadan Restaurant Guide 2012 by tossdown brings you the best of Sehari & Iftar Deals in Karachi and other major cities of Pakistan such as Lahore, Islamabad etc.

We hand picked some of the best Iftar deals in Karachi for you:



Ramadan 2012 Announced in Saudia Arabia – RES to be announced soon!

Ramadan 2012 just announced in Saudi Arabia which means Peshawar will have it tomorrow and we in KLI i.e. Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad will have it the after Saturday 21st of July 2012 Inshallah.

So our folks will have to wait a day longer to munch on these iftar deals. Having said that the entire team sitting at tossdown is relieved in a way – THEY STILL HAVE A DAY to work and this time there is some additional work apart from the usual sehri iftar deal buffet deal updates from across Pakistan. This time its RES – The Table Reservation system by tossdown.

RES will be reserving iftar buffet at top places across Lahore (yes sadly its just lahore for the time being) keeping the starving Muslims at ease. RES will not only get you the right place on time but also will get your exclusive discounts at iftar buffets.

Fingers crossed – lets see how we pull this one out for you.

Once its done you could visit RES at http://res.tossdown.com

So to sum it up not only tossdown will have provide you the information on the best iftar buffets in town but will also reserve for you and get you discounts on these iftar buffets!

*nom nom*

While work is still in progress here you can check out the iftar buffet deals in your city

Lahore Iftar Deals 2012 [http://tossdown.com/lahore/deals/iftar/Ramadan-2012-Guide]

Karachi Iftar Deals 2012 [http://tossdown.com/karachi/deals/iftar/Ramadan-2012-Guide\]

Islamabad Iftar Deals 2012 [http://tossdown.com/islamabad/deals/iftar/Ramadan-2012-Guide]

Peshawar Iftar Deals 2012 [http://tossdown.com/peshawar/deals/iftar/Ramadan-2012-Guide]


Ramadan 2012 Veena, Amir, Maya and Iftar Buffet Deals

Ramadan 2012 is in 3 days and we already got the shock of being GUIDED by Veena Malik, Dr. Amir Liaqat and Maya Khan. While people will get over that we are here to provide you the complete Ramadan Guide for Restaurants in your city i.e. Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar.

Iftar Deals in Karachi


Tooso Food Factory

All you can eat Iftar Dinner Buffet

Price 695 + tax


Lal Qila Restaurant

Ramadan Buffet

Price 890 +tax


Olivetto Cafe and Lounge

Iftar Buffet

Price 999 +tax


Iftar Deals in Lahore


Price 1195 +tax

Price 699 + tax