Noodle House – amazing Pad Thai, fun casual dining

Pad Thai

It is listed at number 5 on World’s 50 most delicious foods readers’ poll compiled by CNN Go in 2011

Pad Thai @ The Noodle House

Pad Thai @ The Noodle House

Eating the dish just recently at a place that does it best -The Noodle House, I feel I have gone a step higher as a foodie! I’ve been hearing about this new place in town, reading reviews on tossdown but never had the chance to go to the place. I was in a fix with mixed reviews – I just met 2 types of people who either love the place or don’t. So firstly I’d like to thank the generosity of The Noodle House management by inviting me over so I could give a try to their ‘Casual’ dining. Yes to my surprise contrary to what I had imagined of the place, its a hip place, casual dining, extremely courteous or in other words ‘cool’ staff that can help you order the right dish, explain it and also help you how to eat it the RIGHT WAY.
The chef came to the table gave me a couple of suggestions and because I had zero to none experience whatsoever at this place, he recommended the Pad Thai. Ive heard of this dish and have never tried so I immediately agreed.
Minutes later a nice plate filled with gorgeous noodles in its belly came to the table with assorted toppings – crushed peanuts, fried egg, red and green chillis. I poured some for me taking a prawn or 2 with the serving, topped it with red chilli and lemon, digger my fork into it and wrapped a bunch of noodles nicely around it. I pulled the fork towards my mouth, skeptical, but it was heaven when the flavours touched my taste buds. Gorgeous in taste just like it looked. It had depth, just like any asian cuisine there is an array of flavors unleashing on my palette – rich.
I recommend this place to any foodie incase they haven’t tried it ever or if they had Pad Thai from somewhere else, I can with all my experience say Noodle House does it one of the best!

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