Ramadan Kareem Foodies!

At tossdown.com we are excited for our 7th Ramadan Update of the Sehar and Iftar Deals from Restaurants in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

Ramadan DealsWe are as excited today as we were in 2008 when for the first time we posted deals on tossdown.com. We wish you and your families a blessed Ramadan 2014 and pray for your best! In return we would want the same for us so we keep serving you at our best with the best to eat in your city.

Happy Eating,

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Restaurant Gift Cards Launched By tossdown.com With Some Of The Top Restaurants In Lahore

Gift cards are a big thing in North America and other 1st world countries with a mature transactional system in place. This is something that struck us and as tossdown.com we are one company that is continuously working to bring the best of the world to the Pakistani market. We are synonymous to the word ‘eating out’ in Lahore (or at least we are working to be) so it gives us the responsibility to work on anything related to the Dining out industry. Gift cards are one such thing that we see future in – and this comes as a tester with a handful of our close restaurant partners.

These gift cards are being distributed free of cost to our Khaba Card customers both in homes and the Corporate with companies like Netsol, Ufone, TRG and other employee dense organizations buying the cards through their HR.TossDown Gift Card

How to use the Gift Card:

  1. Always will each Gift Card have a value and terms against which it can be used?
  2. For example a Gift Card worth Rs. 100 can be redeemed at the min spend of Rs. 500 which in other way is a 20% discount but has more value than a discount dangling in midair. (The reason we have a minimum spend is to avoid any unhappy moments between the customer and the restaurant for now as these are distributed free)
  3. The restaurant is handed over the Gift Card at the time of the bill and redeemed for its value.

What’s more is we are giving away a Gift Card pack worth Rs. 500 with every Khaba Card till the 31st of May. You can order your Khaba Card now to receive the Gift Cards that come as cash back for your money. Gift Card partnering Restaurants include Burger Chalet, Sarpinos, China Town and Urban Cafe.

There will be more coming soon.

Best Burger in Town or Best Idea in Town


It was a bright sunny day on the 13th of feb, yes one day before love hits planet earth in its most pompous manner. We thought we beat most lovers and start a day before and also add a bit of adventure. BYOB is the next best thing in lahore food scene with the food scene itself being the best. So we packed our bags got our supplies and left for the deserts on DHA Phase 8 about 30km from my house in Model Town and after much asking around for directions we reached the end of the world to find our selves at a great open setup. We were greeted by the staff and the owner herself who explained us how to order right (very helpful of her) and we ordered 2 beef burgers and built it to match our individual taste buds. Yes if were younger we would also lovingly argue here and there (meri wali cheezein order karo, pineapple kyon liya mujhe nahin pasand forgetting for a while the famous ‘to each his own’ – kher lovers!) The food came and the first look of it was impressive and so was the first bite to it. These people know their burgers but need to pay a tad bit more attention to their meat. The beef was chunks in some bites and it may need more smoking but overall a very good burger. If not the best, definately one of the best admitting gunsmoke still is mature in this domain without the hype. For ideas yes very unique for pakistan and great too. Overall it was a good experience and ofcoarse meats could be improved and although the adventure sounds like fun but action is in the city centre and i believe coming to a more accessible location would be game changer not only for them but the gourmet burger industry of lahore. P.S You need to read carefully while making your burger. People with attention deficiency like me can almost bankrupt themselves – See more at: http://tossdown.com/review/8816/Best-Burger-In-Town-Or-Best-Idea-In-Town

Halal Restaurants in Mississauga Ontario

tossdown.com was founded in one of south asia’s most food loving cities – Lahore in 2008 and since then it does its best to cover any food item it can across the globe mostly non-officially. But this is not the case when it comes to listing Restaurants in Mississauga, Ontario, one of the most pronounced cities of Canada known for its dense muslim population always looking for the best Halal Restaurants to dine at.

Hence, this is the primary reasons that the country’s top Halal Brands are born here. Weather these are Halal Italian Restaurants like Karamia, Hakka Chinese places like the Eddies Wok n Roll or the notorious Burger Factory famous for its juicy burgers its all here and so tossdown stepped into North America by starting with none other than Mississauga.

It aims to start listing the best Halal Restaurants in the city and build a community around it with foodies sharing their thoughts on these places by either reviewing, sharing a photo or just adding a tip to it. We hope this brings the Halal Foodies out and give them one voice – tossdown.

Ramadan 2013 – Best Iftar Deals in Lahore

As Ramadan 2013 moves on 5 Rozas, we get better in completing our data for the Best Iftar deals in Lahore from top restaurants Tabaq, Chez Nur, Yum Chinese, California Grill, Opium Thai, Bundu Khan and many more.

Iftar Buffet deals offer a punch with assorted ramadan snacks like pakoras, samosas, dhai bhallay (as we call them in lahore) to a great range of main courses and desserts depending upon what they have to offer. This year there are close to 50 Restaurants in Lahore offering Ramadan time deals. We will be working hard to increase this no as we get our hands on more deals in lahore.

A decent iftar buffet will cost you somewhere between 1000-1500 Rs. / Person including tax and a drink in most cases. For a complete list of iftar buffet deals in Lahore visit


For a list of sehari time deals in lahore visit:


Ramadan Guide 2013 – Iftar Deals in Lahore Launched!

Ramadan 2013 is here and as always it is our foremost duty at tossdown to bring you the best of Ramadan Deals from the Top Restaurants in your city.

This ramadan some top players would be Chez Nur, Veranda Bistro, Tabaq, Salt n Pepper  and many others with YUM being one of them. You can view the Iftar Deals in Lahore on the link here. This is nothing whats coming this Ramadan. Fingers Crossed.

Fat Burger Lahore – mixed reviews on tossdown

Fat burger is a fast food chain from Beverly Hills, California operating in a dozen countries across the globe. However, anything that comes to lahore is remotely close to being edible gets its due attention. ‘Ek daffa tu zaroor’ (once atleast)

Fat Burger

Fat Burger

Hence, we have road blocks on weekends on roads going to MM ALAM road and people just waiting to get a bite of the place since Fat Burger opened a couple of weeks back in Lahore. The biggest and the brutest of lahori foodies have tasted already and have developed mixed reviews specially our users on tossdown.

In 6 Reviews for Fat burger Pakistan, it has gotten 7.0/10. You can read the reviews here and also share yours so we know where this thing is going! :)


300 Best Dishes Featured from Top Restaurants in Lahore

While we at tossdown want to get closer to the heart and soul of a foodie, we are working hard to go deeper in the local dining scene. One of such new offering is featured dishes from top restaurants in Lahore.

We believe every restaurant has something great to offer, often we seem to ignore it and so often the restaurant itself doesnt really emphasize on it and goes for variety. But what would you rather have at a chocolateria – steak or churros?

We couldnt have launched this feature without the help of your foodies that take their time to share the goodness of food using the tossdown app (for android & iOS)

With the featured dishes launched for restaurants in lahore we hope to extend to other cities of Pakistan, we wish to give our foodies the best of insights of what to eat where.

The page offers a great searching tool – you can search by food type, area and also the price range so for instance a if you are looking for a burger in gulberg lahore you can get your results here.

Featured Dish in Lahore

Featured Dish in Lahore

Khaba Card at a Discounted price for Rozee.pk Users

With Khaba Card adding the best Restaurant Partners in Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi in 2013 or as we call it the “Khaba’13” it maintains to keep solid ties with corporate partners.

One such example is its collaboration with Pakistan’s Leading Job site ROZEE.pk and one of the busiest places online by introducing a special price of Rs. 300 (instead of the orginal price Rs. 600) for its users.

ROZEE.pk Banner

ROZEE.pk Banner

After years after its inception, ROZEE.pk maintains as the leading job that hosts 23,725,256 Applications for 122,412 Vacancies by 56,976 Employers as of today.

We feel this as one of the most important collaborations tossdown.com has done so far with its Khaba Privilege card and hope to provide it as a stepping stone for both these brands.

Are you a ROZEE.pk user? Simply visit the website and click the banner on the top to get the discounted price.

A complete list of Khaba Partner restaurants in Lahore/Islamabad/Karachi could be found on this link http://khaba.tossdown.com

Khaba Card gets accepted at best Restaurants in Lahore

In its 3rd year of inception, tossdown.com‘s Khaba Card (the privilege card that gets you exclusive deals & discounts in Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi) packs a load of Restaurants in Lahore touching the figure of almost 50 Restaurants. The list includes many top names such as Cafe Zouk, Masooms, OPTP, Gunsmoke, Chez Nur, Tabaq, Ze Grill etc. Not only this, the Khaba Card is now accepted at Bakeries such as Bread & Beyond and dessert places like the Sweet Tooth & cafe La Churro.

The card costs Rs. 300 for previous years card holders and Rs. 600 for first timers and will be valid through 2013 up until the 31st of December.

Khaba Partners

Khaba Partners

To order the card simply fill in the details on this page: http://khaba.tossdown.com/order and your card will be delivered to you with-in 48 hours. You can pay on Delivery!

Happy Eating