Ramadan 2012 Announced in Saudia Arabia – RES to be announced soon!

Ramadan 2012 just announced in Saudi Arabia which means Peshawar will have it tomorrow and we in KLI i.e. Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad will have it the after Saturday 21st of July 2012 Inshallah.

So our folks will have to wait a day longer to munch on these iftar deals. Having said that the entire team sitting at tossdown is relieved in a way – THEY STILL HAVE A DAY to work and this time there is some additional work apart from the usual sehri iftar deal buffet deal updates from across Pakistan. This time its RES – The Table Reservation system by tossdown.

RES will be reserving iftar buffet at top places across Lahore (yes sadly its just lahore for the time being) keeping the starving Muslims at ease. RES will not only get you the right place on time but also will get your exclusive discounts at iftar buffets.

Fingers crossed – lets see how we pull this one out for you.

Once its done you could visit RES at http://res.tossdown.com

So to sum it up not only tossdown will have provide you the information on the best iftar buffets in town but will also reserve for you and get you discounts on these iftar buffets!

*nom nom*

While work is still in progress here you can check out the iftar buffet deals in your city

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