Ramadan 2015 is coming!

Yes Ramadan 2015 is just around the corner and it will be our 8th Ramadan at tossdown.com. We still remember the early days and our first ramadan and were shocked to see 50 people visiting us daily :) Those were still the golden days because we were ‘hungry & foolish’. Our hunger lead to us improvising the system ever since till date and the foolishness lead to our infatuation with ‘restaurants & dining’.

This year too we are excited to be the leading guide for restaurant ramadan buffet deals across Pakistan. We want to give our users a better experience this year around where they can not only filter the deals but also review them for others and yes ‘Reserve’ their seats at all the top iftar buffet places across Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi.

4 more days to go and we are busy as hell. We will keep you posted!

Chandni Chowk Lunch Cum Hi-Tea Buffet

In Pakistan there are a lot of international food chains are working and providing best tastes of their countries and we have discussed on this blog all of them. Today we are discussing about Chandni Chowk Restaurant which is an Indian restaurant in Pakistan serving Indian and Pakistani tastes. Now Chandni Chowk Restaurant offering its exciting Lunch Cum Hi-Tea Buffet in just PKR 695*/person from 12:30 PM to 06:00 PM.

Chandni Chowk Lunch Cum Hi-Tea BuffetMenu

In Lunch Cum Hi-Tea Buffet you will have a lot of options in menu to taste. Here are the details of menu which will be available for buffet.

1. Pina Colada

2. Kabir Khani Shorba

3. Tandoori Fish Kebab
4. Tandoori Seekh Kebab
5. Tandoori Malai Boti
6. Murgh Skanderi Tikka
7. Tandoori Wings

8. Murgh Mirchi
9. Kasuri Tawa Machli
10. Murgh Hara Masala
11. Murgh Achari
12. Murgh White Curry
13. Murgh Lakhnavi Curry
14. Peshawari Chapli Kebab
15. Murgh Haleem
16. Anda kofta
17. Hyderabadi Murgh Biryani
18. Afghani Pulao

19. Tandoori Pizza
20. Tandoori Sandwich
21. Murgh Dosa
22. Qeema Samosa
23. Alloo Tikki
24. Channa Phatura

25. Bhel Puri
26. Papri Chaat
27. Fruit Chaat
28. Dahi Bhalle

29. Tandoori Murgh Salad
30. Kachumber Salad
31. Fatoush Salad
32. Creamy Salad

33. Raita
34. Tamatar Chutney
35. Pudina Chutney
36. Imli Chutney
37. Coconut Chutney
38. Mix Achaar

39. Puri
40. Saada Roti
41. Basanti Roti
42. Shereni Nan
43. Taftan
44. Maharani Roti

45. Gulab Jaman
46. Fruit Trifle
47. Shahi Kheer
48. JalebiAmritsari
49. Shahi Tukra
50. Sujji Halwa
51. Mix Mithai
52. Strawberry Ice Cream
53. Vanilla Ice Cream
54. Chocolate Ice Cream
55. Blue Berry Ice Cream
56. Mango Ice Cream
57. Orange Ice Cream
58. Tropicana Ice Cream
59. Caramel Ice Cream
60. Tea
61. Green Tea


If you are not a Khaba Card holder then order online or by calling at +923458445357 your Khaba Card and avail discount on Chandni Chowk and other leading restaurants in Lahore. Also Khaba Card members can get 10% discount on entire menu of Chandni Chowk and 05% discount on buffet so hurry up and become Khaba Card member.

Palillos Buffet Deals

Palillos is one of the famous Chinese and Thai restaurants in Lahore, Pakistan. It has a 6.5 rating on tossdown.com which means foodies on tossdown like to dine at Palillos. Now Palillos is providing following Buffet Deals with extensive menu at great prices:

Express Lunch Buffet

Palillos Express Lunch Buffet DealPalillos is offering best value Express Lunch Buffet Deal in just PKR 985+ Tax/person and you will have options of Chinese and Thai Main Dishes, Soups, Salads and Desserts. Timings for Express Lunch Buffet Deal at Palillos is from 12:30PM To 03:00PM so reserve your table now.

Happy Hours Hi-Tea

Palillos Hi-Tea Happy Hours DealAnother Deal From Palillos is their Happy Hours Hi-Tea Deal which is available in just PKR 775+ Tax/person. Happy Hours Hi Tea offers a variety of Drinks, Savories, Pastries Chinese and Thai Main Dishes, Mocktails, Salads and Desserts to eat from 03:00PM TO 06:30PM so reserve your table now.

Dinner Buffet

Palillos Dinner Buffet DealPalillos is also offering its best value Dinner Buffet Deal in just PKR 1185+ Tax/person and you can enjoy a variety Chinese and Thai Main Dishes, Soups, Salads and Desserts via this deal so enjoy your Dinner Buffet Deal at Palillos so reserve your table now.

Khaba Card

Palillos is an official Khaba Partner and providing 10% Discount on entire menu. Valued customers of Khaba Card can avail 10% Discount on both Express Lunch Buffet and Dinner Buffet. If you are not a Khaba Card holder then place your order online or by calling +923458445357 and become the member of Khaba Card in just PKR 599/ only.


The Boulevard Bar And Grill – Iftar Buffet Review



While we are all hunting Ramadan Buffet Deals in Lahore and looking for a deal that is the best bang for your bucks we found a review for The Boulevard Bar and Grill Iftar Buffet by one of our Trusted reviewers dazzling_s

“Casual Indulgence

Following a planned and pending for long shopping trip with a friend, our last trip was Ensemble, (10Q). Looking at my watch i said to her its impossible to make it home for iftar so i rushed up to The boulevard grill and made a reservation on the comfy sofa for two and headed back downstairs to Ensemble. Coming back about half an hour later i found that the place was quite full with people. Anyways we were seated on our comfy sofas in the corner. The waiter brought us a bottle of mineral water, some dates and lemonade. Later he asked us to go for iftar, since there were ten minutes to go, i though that the food will get cold and God!! did i make a mistake? Within minutes there was a queue from one end of the buffet to the middle of the restaurant! Anyway, it took us ten minutes to reach the food finally, thats how slow the queue was moving! The Azaan was heard midway of the queue and a waiter offered us dates. Ok, now lets come to what i adorned my plate with, salad, a small sandwich, chicken strips with a dip, and a buffalo wing… The strips tasted very good (but were dry due to over heating in the dishes) and the dip complemented them very well, the sandwich was good, salad was excellent and the buffallo wing was amazing! About fifteen minutes later, they oenned the dinner dishes, the cream of aspargus soup was yummy, fried fish and lasagne were so-so, pasta was good, chicken tarragon was out of this world. The beef pepper steaks were also excellent considering they were made in such bulk and lying in the heated dishes for quite a bit, they were medium-rare, just how a steak is supposed to be and the beef was premium quality. There were few more dishes of which i only remember fish with vegetables, (Chinese style), egg fried rice and some pasta. Over all, it was a decent iftar come dinner with no scarcity of food grin (ATTENTION RASIKH) The total summed up to be 2990 for two iftars, one large mineral water and two cokes. Ohh my friend has a sweet tooth so she brought the deserts (while i was working on the second helping) and she said the the desserts were nothing special. so, i decided not to try them, being happy with my dinner already. Overall, i would give them 9/10 for managing a large scale iftar cum buffet very well but the service needs a lot of improvement, twice my knife and fork were taken away and were replaced after too long a wait. The waiter also forgot the we ordered cokes and they came when we were almost finished with our dinner. Moreover, while pouring the coke in the goblet, he spilled about quarter of it on the table and did not bother to apologize or make an endeavor to clean it. When i asked for tissues myself, he brought us a tissue box and placed it right over the coke he had spilled grin Nevertheless, this place is worth going to guys, a good variety of food with good taste to offer grin


For Reservations through tossdown at The Boulevard Bar and Grill visit http://res.tossdown.com/theboulevard & get 1200/person (All inclusive with a free drink) saving approx 300 rs per person.