Khaba Card Pakistan Android App Launched

Khaba Card – started in 2009 as a simple privilege card has come a long way. With its 5th Anniversary Edition on the way, has launched the Android App for your Khaba Card to give you the latest updates on the deals and discounts on your Card from Partner Restaurants.

This is a small step in integrating technology with our only offline service at and we would like to give our users a better user experience with their Khaba Card. The app will also feature complete card management in the future and help you manage your dining out at best.

For now the app allows you to look at latest Partner Restaurants in Lahore and order a Khaba Card at your doorstep from within the app. There will be updates to the app as we go and ofcoarse your feedback is important.

To download the app for your android handset follow the Google Play Link:


Restaurant Gift Cards Launched By With Some Of The Top Restaurants In Lahore

Gift cards are a big thing in North America and other 1st world countries with a mature transactional system in place. This is something that struck us and as we are one company that is continuously working to bring the best of the world to the Pakistani market. We are synonymous to the word ‘eating out’ in Lahore (or at least we are working to be) so it gives us the responsibility to work on anything related to the Dining out industry. Gift cards are one such thing that we see future in – and this comes as a tester with a handful of our close restaurant partners.

These gift cards are being distributed free of cost to our Khaba Card customers both in homes and the Corporate with companies like Netsol, Ufone, TRG and other employee dense organizations buying the cards through their HR.TossDown Gift Card

How to use the Gift Card:

  1. Always will each Gift Card have a value and terms against which it can be used?
  2. For example a Gift Card worth Rs. 100 can be redeemed at the min spend of Rs. 500 which in other way is a 20% discount but has more value than a discount dangling in midair. (The reason we have a minimum spend is to avoid any unhappy moments between the customer and the restaurant for now as these are distributed free)
  3. The restaurant is handed over the Gift Card at the time of the bill and redeemed for its value.

What’s more is we are giving away a Gift Card pack worth Rs. 500 with every Khaba Card till the 31st of May. You can order your Khaba Card now to receive the Gift Cards that come as cash back for your money. Gift Card partnering Restaurants include Burger Chalet, Sarpinos, China Town and Urban Cafe.

There will be more coming soon.

Khaba Card gets accepted at best Restaurants in Lahore

In its 3rd year of inception,‘s Khaba Card (the privilege card that gets you exclusive deals & discounts in Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi) packs a load of Restaurants in Lahore touching the figure of almost 50 Restaurants. The list includes many top names such as Cafe Zouk, Masooms, OPTP, Gunsmoke, Chez Nur, Tabaq, Ze Grill etc. Not only this, the Khaba Card is now accepted at Bakeries such as Bread & Beyond and dessert places like the Sweet Tooth & cafe La Churro.

The card costs Rs. 300 for previous years card holders and Rs. 600 for first timers and will be valid through 2013 up until the 31st of December.

Khaba Partners

Khaba Partners

To order the card simply fill in the details on this page: and your card will be delivered to you with-in 48 hours. You can pay on Delivery!

Happy Eating