Chez Nur Doodh Patti – Contemporary Lahori Tea House

Chez Nur Launched Doodh Patti and answerd prayers of all lahori tea lovers :)
Chez Nur - Doodh Patti

Chez Nur – Doodh Patti

Heres what OB has to say about the place before you visit:

“Zid Na Kar Sohniya – Mein Ap bara Ziddi Aan

This title fits ‘Raza’ quite well, the man behind Chez Nur’s ever changing interior and food because of his determination to bring variety to the local dining out scene. 
There is another reason I used this as the title – that when you visit the place.
Chez Nur started off being the first french restaurant in Lahore and ever since there was no looking back. They have served us lahoris with great moroccon bbq, sheesha and now promise to bring one of the best local tea time. Yes its now going to be about samosas, gulag jamun and masala fries from now on instead of the Coffee and Cup cakes. 
First off the ambiance – contemporary lahori tea house interior, music: a fusion of everything from a sad ghazal, bibi sanam jana to hip hop. Now straight to Food: I was offered the mai baap of the menu – the platter with desserts that had almost everything off the menu. 
But first off is the doodh patti, so far thats the only tea I have tried from the array of tea types they are offering, one of which also included the ‘Karak Chai’. I hate the tea bag teas I think it was a way of giving us more torture and hurt to our culture – yes I am that sensitive about my Chai. The doodh patti was good very nicely done and I could taste the real tea, every sip of it That is also evident form the malai that is jam-ming on the top of the tea :p
Now to the platter – it had Samosas, a kichori, lahori masala fish (very nice) and masala fries (super), chana chaat and potato kabobs. Everything was very nicely done except for the chaat, a bit dry I would say. 
The desserts included Gulab Jamun and Shahi Tukray – let me tell you these were the best shahi tukray I’ve ever had! I am glad finally we have a place like Islambad’s ‘Chai khana’ in Lahore. My first suggestion to them would introduce breakfast with their tea. Plzzz