Noodle House Reviewed as Craaa-aazy Good!

After being a launched some months ago, its slowly picking  up a beat in a rather conventional Lahore dining out scene, where people have not yet open to trying more diversified Asian Cuisines. Heres what OB had to say about their visit:


Teriyaki Beef

Teriyaki Beef


Wah Noodle Housa – Khush kar ditta eee

Disclaimer: Not for the faint of heart and stuck ups!

Last night – 9:00 pm, Lahore – heavy drizzle – we making plans of where to eat. Although Noodle house was on top of our list and one of our friends wanted the ‘Pad Thai’ ever since he saw my photo shared on tossdown, but the rain and water blocked roads were too much however, owing to our dogged persistent we reached the noodle house and settled in. The staff is one of the best here and the first thing I was asked if I am here for the first time and if I wanted any help to know how this work (you actually have to tick the menu items you need to order and give the slip away however you have a life line and can ask the order taker for his help at any time). The first thing we ticked was pad thai and thanks to earlier reviews of Noodle house we ticked the ‘Wasabi Prawns’, ‘Terriyaki Beef’ and ‘Chicken with Cashew Nuts’. While we were looking around appreciating the ambiance, our prawns were there, sitting gorgeously over each other, topped with exquisite sauces.
Mind you from here we will use CHOPSTICKS to eat which were fixed up by the order takers with some rubber bands for us to use perfectly :) Quite an experience. First bit of the prawns and we confirm each other of the great taste munching our prawns with open, excited eyes :)

After a little wait there came our Pad Thai, the wasabi beef, and Chicken with Cashew nuts. I helped everyone with the noodle, please note that Noodle house is all about Casual Fun dining, you could be messy so take it easy, its NOT A FINE DINE! and this is evident when they don’t even give you pouring spoons its the way it is live with it and RELAX, loosen up.

Next up Terriyaki Beef, craa-aazy good. I have never had such beef – just like marshmallow. And then Chicken Cashew nuts was great too. We had not only great food by now but also an awesome experience so when asked about the dessert we immediately asked for a suggestion and Bean Donuts were recommended.

Now this is where Noodle House Buys us off. These donuts came with a mango sauce, just amazing so much so that we had to try another dessert, just for the heck of it. We went from diners to food adventurers and ordered the green tea ice-cream. The presentation for which was awesome too but for first timers the donuts are a must try!

Overall, it was more than dining for us, more like an experience of asian food adventure from starters to desserts and eating with chop sticks, it was all a delight. I recommend this place, hands down but only one thing to keep in mind ‘Loosen Up’