Loca – Mexican Restaurant Relocates to a new location

Loca – as the name implies is the mexican restaurant thats very dear to the few people that understand the awesomeness of ‘Mexican Cuisine’. It has been there for time now with its prim and proper space just across the road from the infamous Sukh Chain health club in gulberg and now its relocating near the food hub of lahore – MM ALAM road just near the newly opened Burger King.

On a global scale, we Pakistanis are compared to Mexicans and as Pakistanis, Mexican food is the closest you can get to our desi food. Its because most of the mexican food is around kidney beans (lobia as we call it in our local language), rice, bread (similar to our roti) and a lot of spices. One of our global desi favourites is the burrito, its something new to our Pakistani market but Loca is doing all that for us. Its slowly picking up with the tastes buds and Loca not only has good mexican food but also some great desserts, and yes its a nice place to hang out. If you havent been there, we recommend you must!

Directions to the new place: For details please visit http://tossdown.com/locaauthenticmexican

New Location Discount Card

New Location Discount Card

Loca Relocating

Loca Relocating

Khaba Card Pakistan Android App Launched

Khaba Card – started in 2009 as a simple privilege card has come a long way. With its 5th Anniversary Edition on the way, tossdown.com has launched the Android App for your Khaba Card to give you the latest updates on the deals and discounts on your Card from Partner Restaurants.

This is a small step in integrating technology with our only offline service at tossdown.com and we would like to give our users a better user experience with their Khaba Card. The app will also feature complete card management in the future and help you manage your dining out at best.

For now the app allows you to look at latest Partner Restaurants in Lahore and order a Khaba Card at your doorstep from within the app. There will be updates to the app as we go and ofcoarse your feedback is important.

To download the app for your android handset follow the Google Play Link:



Best Burger in Town or Best Idea in Town


It was a bright sunny day on the 13th of feb, yes one day before love hits planet earth in its most pompous manner. We thought we beat most lovers and start a day before and also add a bit of adventure. BYOB is the next best thing in lahore food scene with the food scene itself being the best. So we packed our bags got our supplies and left for the deserts on DHA Phase 8 about 30km from my house in Model Town and after much asking around for directions we reached the end of the world to find our selves at a great open setup. We were greeted by the staff and the owner herself who explained us how to order right (very helpful of her) and we ordered 2 beef burgers and built it to match our individual taste buds. Yes if were younger we would also lovingly argue here and there (meri wali cheezein order karo, pineapple kyon liya mujhe nahin pasand forgetting for a while the famous ‘to each his own’ – kher lovers!) The food came and the first look of it was impressive and so was the first bite to it. These people know their burgers but need to pay a tad bit more attention to their meat. The beef was chunks in some bites and it may need more smoking but overall a very good burger. If not the best, definately one of the best admitting gunsmoke still is mature in this domain without the hype. For ideas yes very unique for pakistan and great too. Overall it was a good experience and ofcoarse meats could be improved and although the adventure sounds like fun but action is in the city centre and i believe coming to a more accessible location would be game changer not only for them but the gourmet burger industry of lahore. P.S You need to read carefully while making your burger. People with attention deficiency like me can almost bankrupt themselves – See more at: http://tossdown.com/review/8816/Best-Burger-In-Town-Or-Best-Idea-In-Town

Fat Burger Lahore – mixed reviews on tossdown

Fat burger is a fast food chain from Beverly Hills, California operating in a dozen countries across the globe. However, anything that comes to lahore is remotely close to being edible gets its due attention. ‘Ek daffa tu zaroor’ (once atleast)

Fat Burger

Fat Burger

Hence, we have road blocks on weekends on roads going to MM ALAM road and people just waiting to get a bite of the place since Fat Burger opened a couple of weeks back in Lahore. The biggest and the brutest of lahori foodies have tasted already and have developed mixed reviews specially our users on tossdown.

In 6 Reviews for Fat burger Pakistan, it has gotten 7.0/10. You can read the reviews here and also share yours so we know where this thing is going! :)


T20 Chris Gayle Dances WI to the Finals against Sri Lanka – Screening in all top Restaurants

After the heartbreaking defeat of Pakistan yesterday, it was a bad day for Australia today when Chris Gayle the monstrous hitter unleashed his wrath on the aussies. ESPNCRICINFO defined the match as “All-round Windies crush Australia

Chris Gayle Scored a massive 75 off just 41 balls that included 6 magnificent sixes and 5 fours. This innings was a joy to watch for any cricket fan except ofcoarse who were supporting the aussies.

Chris Gayle Dancing

Chris Gayle Dancing

For those of you who want to see Chris Gayle dance on the big day – T20 Final on OCT 07 the list of restaurants screening the match could be found here


Watching the match at tossdown Partner Restaurants, you can get the Khaba Privilege Card for Free. Enjoy the match and Happy Eating!

T20 World Cup 2012, Pak vs SL Live screening at Restaurants in Pakistan

Congrats to team Pakistan, we are in the Semis - Pakistan vs Sri Lanka on their home ground should be the toughest competition so far. With the likes of Hafeez and how well they played against Australia, we should be hopeful for a great game on Oct 04, 2012 at 7:00 pm local time.

ICC T20World Cup 2012 Sri Lanka

ICC T20World Cup 2012 Sri Lanka

While this should be an adrenaline pumping match tossdown introduced a sections featuring Restaurants in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi that are screening the Match Live.

For a complete list of Restaurants screening the Match Live visit http://tossdown.com/T20-Cricket-World-Cup-2012

T20 World Cup 2012 – Pak Vs India watch live at various restaurants

Another World Cup, another nail biter and not just another day for more than a billion people worldwide on Sunday 30th September. Its Pakistan vs India and just like every Pak-India cricket encounter this will be seriously, serious. In countries where cricket is next to religion, this is something to look forward to. But the catch here for the Pakistani Fans is that we have never won a game against india in a World Cup match, yes ironically.


ICC T20World Cup 2012 Sri Lanka

ICC T20World Cup 2012 Sri Lanka

Live Screening at Restaurants in Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi

However, there is one thing that is changing this time around and this is live screening of matches at various restaurants in lahore, karachi and islamabad. Although the trend has been there for a while now but this is becoming formal. Here are some of the places that are showing the matches live!

Lahore Restaurants Islamabad Restaurants Karachi Restaurants
  • The Cave
  • Forty4
  • Latte Lounge
  • Olivetto
  • California Grill

 Match Timing: 7pm PST 30th September, 2012


Noodle House – amazing Pad Thai, fun casual dining

Pad Thai

It is listed at number 5 on World’s 50 most delicious foods readers’ poll compiled by CNN Go in 2011

Pad Thai @ The Noodle House

Pad Thai @ The Noodle House

Eating the dish just recently at a place that does it best -The Noodle House, I feel I have gone a step higher as a foodie! I’ve been hearing about this new place in town, reading reviews on tossdown but never had the chance to go to the place. I was in a fix with mixed reviews – I just met 2 types of people who either love the place or don’t. So firstly I’d like to thank the generosity of The Noodle House management by inviting me over so I could give a try to their ‘Casual’ dining. Yes to my surprise contrary to what I had imagined of the place, its a hip place, casual dining, extremely courteous or in other words ‘cool’ staff that can help you order the right dish, explain it and also help you how to eat it the RIGHT WAY.
The chef came to the table gave me a couple of suggestions and because I had zero to none experience whatsoever at this place, he recommended the Pad Thai. Ive heard of this dish and have never tried so I immediately agreed.
Minutes later a nice plate filled with gorgeous noodles in its belly came to the table with assorted toppings – crushed peanuts, fried egg, red and green chillis. I poured some for me taking a prawn or 2 with the serving, topped it with red chilli and lemon, digger my fork into it and wrapped a bunch of noodles nicely around it. I pulled the fork towards my mouth, skeptical, but it was heaven when the flavours touched my taste buds. Gorgeous in taste just like it looked. It had depth, just like any asian cuisine there is an array of flavors unleashing on my palette – rich.
I recommend this place to any foodie incase they haven’t tried it ever or if they had Pad Thai from somewhere else, I can with all my experience say Noodle House does it one of the best!

Find the Best Iftar/Sehri deals this Ramadan Kareem (2011) with Tossdown!

The holy month of Ramadan is here yet again, gracing us with enumerable bounties and rewards. And when there’s talk of rewards, food almost always steals the show. Iftar and Sehri in restaurants has become quite a thing of the modern era where people love indulging themselves by eating out after a hard-earned day of fasting. Some odd years ago, sehri in restaurants was hard to fathom. However, now if you happen to step out of the house during sehri you’ll be wonderfully amazed.  Its considered an achievement if you manage to secure a spot in your favourite restaurant during sehri. Welcome to the 21st century. But hey, tossdown here has a few suggestions up its sleeves. If tossdown can get reservations for all you foodlovers out there for Iftar/Sehri, wouldn’t it be a huge burden off your minds? Instead you could all focus your attention on other important factors such as prayers and philanthropy:). So here’s an overview of the deals tossdown has lined up for all of you from major cities of the country. Click and indulge yourselves:)!


Click here for some Scrumptious Sehri Deals in Lahore

Click here for some Refreshing Iftar Deals in Lahore

Iftar Deal at World Fashion Cafe, Lahore

Iftar Deal at World Fashion Cafe, Lahore


Click here for some Scrumptious Sehri Deals in Karachi

Click here for some Refreshing Iftar Deals in Karachi

Iftar deals in Karachi

Iftar deals in Karachi


Click here for some Scrumptious Sehri Deals in Islamabad

Click here for some Refreshing Iftar Deals in Islamabad

Find Iftar deals in Islamabad on tossdown

Iftar deals in Islamabad


Click here for some Refreshing Iftar Deals in Rawalpindi

Kick that bad mood with some juicy red meat!

Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today (or if there’s a wall on one side, just play along will you:p)? Is your day not going as planned? Is dinner time a complete bummer when you see watery lentils swimming in a sea of yellowy water begging an escape? Well don’t you worry because here’s the tossdown lifesaving mantra for a day just like that!!! Gorge down some scrumptious, juicy, meat from Arizona Grill!!! Meat that cuts through like butter but tastes so amazingly chewy and flavorful its just wrong not to indulge yourself. And did I mention the Mash Potatoes!!? The most perfectly delectable potato mush I have ever had. The buttery, garlicky flavour is such a beautiful memory, I just want to lock it in my happy place. Sigh.

American Steak at Arizona Grill, Lahore

American Steak at Arizona Grill, Lahore

So before you even think of ruining a perfectly nice day because of a few crummy events, think again!!!