Reserve through tossdown for some Thai Food at Opium

Ramadan 2012 has been action packed here at tossdown and with the Table Reservation Service – RES just launched on the first day of ramadan its even tougher to let people know we have a great service that soon. However, people who have managed to crack it have started using it and maybe liking it too that is why for our great diners we got OPIUM THAI on the list now. They have great thai food and someone who has been there once knows this is not a joke, yes they have great spicy thai food!

Heres what you get at OPIUM THAI for iftar

Opium Thai Ramadan Offer

Opium Thai Ramadan Offer

Opium Iftari– Fried Dhaka Chicken, Wings, Sandwiches,Channa Chat, Fruit Chat, Salad, Special drink, Iranian dates. After Iftari, A la Carte dinner Thai and Chinese special Ramazan menu. All for Rs 899++per person.

To reserve your table at Opium

tossdown Ramadan Restaurant Guide iphone App on the Charts (#3)

tossdown Ramadan Restaurant Guide for iphone hits the top charts on the Local App Store. The App provides a details and pricing of all Ramadan Sehri & Iftar Deals in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and other major cities of Pakistan.

We went upto number 3 in the lifestyle category and overall no 65 at one point just about skype, needforspeed and gmail. It was pretty exciting for all of us as someone quoted.

Bottom [tossdown App on #65, just above skype, NFS & Gmail]“]tossdown on #3

Top [tossdown App on #3

“A man with a new idea is a fool untill the idea works”

And so we were a bunch of fools working on tools that could provide local diners some great help while they hunt for food – specially Ramadan Deals from top restaurants in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

Ramadan 2012 saw an increasing interest in our tossdown – be it our app, our Ramadan Guide Page or RES (Table Reservation) and we hope to live up to our foodies expectations.

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The best Iftar and Sehri deals…..At the touch of a button….!

With each passing year, no matter how turbulent times are, the true essence of Ramadan remains intact. It’s an integral part of our lives and a constant reminder to be better than what we already are; a glorious summoning to strengthen our faith in all that is good and sacred.

Having said that, oddly enough, on a superficial yet very real level, it almost always boils down to that time of the day when all our eyes wish to see are delicious concoctions made to sooth our overzealous appetites. All remnants of patience and goodwill tend to wither away at the mere sight of food. Can’t comment much on the royal family but surely over here, the royal stomach conquers all. But let’s not view this entirely with disdain. We aren’t such bad people. We have patience and we endure. We really do. But can you blame us if such mouth-watering creations rule the hearts and minds of our sub-continent bloodline? We deserve to splurge just a little bit don’t we? How? Some might ask.  Well, that is precisely where Tossdown comes in.

Take Iftar time for example. After a long, strenuous, back breaking and sweat pouring hot Ramadan day, you want everything at your disposal; literally at the touch of a button. That menacingly slow tick tock of your watch makes your head ache and your stomach beg for mercy. Your friends are bombarding you with unending messages and phone calls, asking the million dollar question: “What’s the plan for Iftar?!!!” Your poor soul is incapable of handling this stress. It seems that your decision making powers have been crippled for life. Then a little angel miraculously whispers into your ear something about Pakistan’s finest restaurant portal/guide, Tossdown. A whiff of delight; a sigh of relief escapes your parched lips. You are too lazy to log onto your computer so you just use the Tossdown mobile application to search for the best Iftar deals in town!  Within seconds, details of the city’s best delicacies appear in front of you.  Hypnotizing and beckoning your blessed soul.

Life is already way too complicated for us to even spend another minute on unnecessary stress and tension. So a word of advice for all you lazy souls, for all great food lovers, and of course for all the steadfast people fasting; make your lives easier with Tossdown. Before Ramadan 2012, deciding where to eat out for Iftar and Sehri was never this easy. That’s how simple eating out has become. Really.

Iftar Buffet Table Reservation – RES by tossdown

We are onto the 5th of Ramadan 2012. With just under 25 or so Rozas remaining tossdown officially launches its online Table Reservation System – RES (Short for Reservation). This ramadan, now you can avoid all the hassel of standing in lines empty stomach and roza stricken.

Heres how the service works. Go on to

Signup using your tossdown login information (Optional)

Select the restaurant, provide your login information and submit.

A RES representative will get in touch with you to confirm your Reservation.

Additionally, RES can also have your payment picked up and pay the restaurant to confirm your Table.

Currently, RES allows this service for iftar buffets in lahore.

Happy dining this ramadan.

Ramadan 2012 Announced in Saudia Arabia – RES to be announced soon!

Ramadan 2012 just announced in Saudi Arabia which means Peshawar will have it tomorrow and we in KLI i.e. Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad will have it the after Saturday 21st of July 2012 Inshallah.

So our folks will have to wait a day longer to munch on these iftar deals. Having said that the entire team sitting at tossdown is relieved in a way – THEY STILL HAVE A DAY to work and this time there is some additional work apart from the usual sehri iftar deal buffet deal updates from across Pakistan. This time its RES – The Table Reservation system by tossdown.

RES will be reserving iftar buffet at top places across Lahore (yes sadly its just lahore for the time being) keeping the starving Muslims at ease. RES will not only get you the right place on time but also will get your exclusive discounts at iftar buffets.

Fingers crossed – lets see how we pull this one out for you.

Once its done you could visit RES at

So to sum it up not only tossdown will have provide you the information on the best iftar buffets in town but will also reserve for you and get you discounts on these iftar buffets!

*nom nom*

While work is still in progress here you can check out the iftar buffet deals in your city

Lahore Iftar Deals 2012 []

Karachi Iftar Deals 2012 [\]

Islamabad Iftar Deals 2012 []

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Ramadan 2012 Deals & ‘Res’ go hand in hand!

Restaurant Reservation by tossdown

RES by tossdown

Ramadan 2012 the 5th Ramadan in tossdown’s life. Yes its going to be the 5th Ramadan that people get details on sehri & iftar buffet deals and make reservations to their favorite places.

However, for the past 4 ramadan access to the deal information was available to the general public and reservation was only limited to the people who were ‘close’ to tossdown. Yes we made reservations for our fans all across lahore and saved them some money too. This year around not only you will have every deal on the market but also the access to our online reservation system – targeted to be launched in a weeks time. And guess what it has a name too ‘Res‘ the Restaurant Table Reservation System and could be accessed directly at (mind the spellings people). Right now we are just training our partners on the new system and ironing the quirks :)

Keep your fingers crossed because we are claiming it to be ‘effortless restaurant table reservation’ by automating the entire process from making the reservation to payment collection to table booking.

For a list of 2012 Ramadan Iftar Deals for your city visit: