A picture is made up of a thousand stories

tossdown comes to Canada as an effort to build a Halal Restaurant guide for the Muslim Community in North America.

But how did it all began?

You have a product that you have been working on for almost a decade now, you think its good enough to build a restaurant database for any city and give its users the freedom to search restaurants based on their choices. It is not that simple. Heres how:

tossdown at Muslim Fest 2016 - Mississauga Canada

tossdown at Muslim Fest 2016 – Mississauga Canada

Most of you would see this picture as a display of marketing effort by tossdown at a certain exhibition (in this case it was Muslim Fest – one of the biggest Muslim Festivals in Canada) to create market awareness. Its empty for now, with a facade of marketing messages.

But for us this is a very emotional site. In this empty static picture, we see a lot of bustle, a lot going on, we see passion, love, loss, adversity and the struggle we had to go through to come to this. The risks that were taken were unimaginable for us and we always thought there was a greater power that was always picking us up when were on the verge.

Ask me, this is a ‘emotional tearing’ moment for us but we wont cry because its not over yet plus we dont have any time to.

This is the beginning and as they say ‘All great things come after adversity’. March on team tossdown!

Thank you Muslim Fest for giving us the opportunity to display a little of what we know so far.


Team tossdown


Khaba Card Pakistan Android App Launched

Khaba Card – started in 2009 as a simple privilege card has come a long way. With its 5th Anniversary Edition on the way, tossdown.com has launched the Android App for your Khaba Card to give you the latest updates on the deals and discounts on your Card from Partner Restaurants.

This is a small step in integrating technology with our only offline service at tossdown.com and we would like to give our users a better user experience with their Khaba Card. The app will also feature complete card management in the future and help you manage your dining out at best.

For now the app allows you to look at latest Partner Restaurants in Lahore and order a Khaba Card at your doorstep from within the app. There will be updates to the app as we go and ofcoarse your feedback is important.

To download the app for your android handset follow the Google Play Link:



300 Best Dishes Featured from Top Restaurants in Lahore

While we at tossdown want to get closer to the heart and soul of a foodie, we are working hard to go deeper in the local dining scene. One of such new offering is featured dishes from top restaurants in Lahore.

We believe every restaurant has something great to offer, often we seem to ignore it and so often the restaurant itself doesnt really emphasize on it and goes for variety. But what would you rather have at a chocolateria – steak or churros?

We couldnt have launched this feature without the help of your foodies that take their time to share the goodness of food using the tossdown app (for android & iOS)

With the featured dishes launched for restaurants in lahore we hope to extend to other cities of Pakistan, we wish to give our foodies the best of insights of what to eat where.

The page offers a great searching tool – you can search by food type, area and also the price range so for instance a if you are looking for a burger in gulberg lahore you can get your results here.

Featured Dish in Lahore

Featured Dish in Lahore

Cafe Zouk – Complimentary Margaritas with your Khaba Privilege Card

When it comes to dining out in Lahore, everyone knows Zouk as one of the ‘Big Brothers’ of Restaurants in Lahore. Zouk has been serving some seriously great food for more than 15 years and gives you more than food – the experience. Over the years Zouk has converted many regular diners to ‘Zouksters’ and they keep coming back for more and more that this place has to offer. When you meet a Zoukster he would have one thing to claim

“You cant go wrong at Zouk”

Cafe Zouk has now offered its hand to the tossdown Diners community having the Khaba Privilege Cards. Now you get Complimentary Margaritas* at Zouk with your Card. This is a great way to show some love for the tossdown Khaba Card holders and we hope the foodies with the Khaba Card would love this ‘gesture’ by zouk.

Zouk Maragaritas

Zouk Maragaritas

*2 Complimentary Drinks per Khaba Card

For more details visit:



You can order your Khaba Card here: http://khaba.tossdown.com/order

T20 Chris Gayle Dances WI to the Finals against Sri Lanka – Screening in all top Restaurants

After the heartbreaking defeat of Pakistan yesterday, it was a bad day for Australia today when Chris Gayle the monstrous hitter unleashed his wrath on the aussies. ESPNCRICINFO defined the match as “All-round Windies crush Australia

Chris Gayle Scored a massive 75 off just 41 balls that included 6 magnificent sixes and 5 fours. This innings was a joy to watch for any cricket fan except ofcoarse who were supporting the aussies.

Chris Gayle Dancing

Chris Gayle Dancing

For those of you who want to see Chris Gayle dance on the big day – T20 Final on OCT 07 the list of restaurants screening the match could be found here


Watching the match at tossdown Partner Restaurants, you can get the Khaba Privilege Card for Free. Enjoy the match and Happy Eating!

T20 World Cup 2012 – Pak Vs India watch live at various restaurants

Another World Cup, another nail biter and not just another day for more than a billion people worldwide on Sunday 30th September. Its Pakistan vs India and just like every Pak-India cricket encounter this will be seriously, serious. In countries where cricket is next to religion, this is something to look forward to. But the catch here for the Pakistani Fans is that we have never won a game against india in a World Cup match, yes ironically.


ICC T20World Cup 2012 Sri Lanka

ICC T20World Cup 2012 Sri Lanka

Live Screening at Restaurants in Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi

However, there is one thing that is changing this time around and this is live screening of matches at various restaurants in lahore, karachi and islamabad. Although the trend has been there for a while now but this is becoming formal. Here are some of the places that are showing the matches live!

Lahore Restaurants Islamabad Restaurants Karachi Restaurants
  • The Cave
  • Forty4
  • Latte Lounge
  • Olivetto
  • California Grill

 Match Timing: 7pm PST 30th September, 2012


tossdown app ranked as No 1 on the App Store – Food & Drink

It is indeed a great day for the tossdown team and also its thousands of users who have made this possible that tossdown is Ranked No 1. on the App Store – Food & Drink Category.

tossdown iOS app ranked No 1 on App Store - Food and Drink

tossdown iOS app ranked No 1 on App Store – Food and Drink

It should give our users more confidence in our services as well as brands/businesses associated with tossdown over the years. We also look to grow our community from here on so we have more and more on the great food restaurants have to offer around us and unleash the foodies among us.

For more details on the app featured and download links visit:


Iftar Buffet Table Reservation – RES by tossdown

We are onto the 5th of Ramadan 2012. With just under 25 or so Rozas remaining tossdown officially launches its online Table Reservation System – RES (Short for Reservation). This ramadan, now you can avoid all the hassel of standing in lines empty stomach and roza stricken.

Heres how the service works. Go on to http://res.tossdown.com:

Signup using your tossdown login information (Optional)

Select the restaurant, provide your login information and submit.

A RES representative will get in touch with you to confirm your Reservation.

Additionally, RES can also have your payment picked up and pay the restaurant to confirm your Table.

Currently, RES allows this service for iftar buffets in lahore.

Happy dining this ramadan.

Find the Best Iftar/Sehri deals this Ramadan Kareem (2011) with Tossdown!

The holy month of Ramadan is here yet again, gracing us with enumerable bounties and rewards. And when there’s talk of rewards, food almost always steals the show. Iftar and Sehri in restaurants has become quite a thing of the modern era where people love indulging themselves by eating out after a hard-earned day of fasting. Some odd years ago, sehri in restaurants was hard to fathom. However, now if you happen to step out of the house during sehri you’ll be wonderfully amazed.  Its considered an achievement if you manage to secure a spot in your favourite restaurant during sehri. Welcome to the 21st century. But hey, tossdown here has a few suggestions up its sleeves. If tossdown can get reservations for all you foodlovers out there for Iftar/Sehri, wouldn’t it be a huge burden off your minds? Instead you could all focus your attention on other important factors such as prayers and philanthropy:). So here’s an overview of the deals tossdown has lined up for all of you from major cities of the country. Click and indulge yourselves:)!


Click here for some Scrumptious Sehri Deals in Lahore

Click here for some Refreshing Iftar Deals in Lahore

Iftar Deal at World Fashion Cafe, Lahore

Iftar Deal at World Fashion Cafe, Lahore


Click here for some Scrumptious Sehri Deals in Karachi

Click here for some Refreshing Iftar Deals in Karachi

Iftar deals in Karachi

Iftar deals in Karachi


Click here for some Scrumptious Sehri Deals in Islamabad

Click here for some Refreshing Iftar Deals in Islamabad

Find Iftar deals in Islamabad on tossdown

Iftar deals in Islamabad


Click here for some Refreshing Iftar Deals in Rawalpindi

Tossdown Food Tech Fiesta 2011!!!

Unhinge those imaginative screws and behold a spectacular sight for your eyes and ears.  A surge of candy colored balloons strikingly aligned as far and as high the eyes can see; Tossdown flyers and banners engulfing everything with absolutely no mercy; an ebullient lot of youngsters bringing down the house with music, fun and frolic; A delectable streak of food kiosks brought directly from favorite eateries of the city……… That is just a glimpse of what the Tossdown Food-Tech Fiesta 2011 was all about.

tossdown updated for the foodtech event

tossdown updated for the foodtech event

pre-fiesta tasks!

pre-fiesta tasks!

The idea hatched some time ago when Tossdown management began thinking of ways to create some waves in the city. An activity planned to bring tossdown fans and of course the not-so-acquainted-with- tossdown people, all under one roof. That part was figured out, but the next crucial steps were kind of hazy so further deliberation finally led to a series of exciting activities the fiesta would cater to. The enthusiasm was contagious and within no time we had the entire plan chalked out eagerly awaiting its implementation.  A separate team was established and tasks were divided. It was like a war zone (but of course far friendlier and with no bloodshed) where the tossdown soldiers readily expected their assignments.

balloon art

balloon art

dominos pizza kiosk

dominos pizza kiosk at tossdown fiesta

The event was to be held in one of Lahore’s well known shopping malls; Siddiq Trade Center.  Appropriate people were hooked up for event management, music & entertainment, media and most importantly FOOD. Tossdown partners such as Dominos Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Ze Grill, Maisonette, Subway among others were to put up their designated kiosks and engage people through a multitude of mouthwatering giveaways. This was also a platform for newbies such as Souled Cakes, which gained commendable acclaim for its scrumptious cakes and pastries. In the line of spectacular innovation is another brand worth mentioning at the fiesta; Comet Lamps. These lamps are exquisitely designed and intricately weaved together in the shape of a comet, and come in every possible color on the planet! All in all an eye catching item guaranteed to give that extra panache to your decor.

great fun at the tossdown fiesta!

After a long stretch of back breaking work and sleepless nights, we were ready to roll. On the morning of the event our minds filled with keen anticipation, as we put on our tossdown T’s and headed out hoping for a spectacular 3-day extravaganza.   The balloons and thingamajigs had all been stunningly arranged. Like any big event, the finishing touches were ongoing till the very last minute. Gradually people began pouring in. Initially it was mainly the shopping mall shoppers and by standers who’s curiosity led them to the ground floor, where the heart of the fiesta was; while the rest of the floors had the restaurant booths. As excitement grew, so did the number of people. Fun competitions were held throughout the evening where people were given awesome giveaways and freebies including food vouchers, coupons and yes ladies, …even gold jewelry!  Day one ended on a happy note of delightful entertainment and free culinary delights! Day two and three followed with high expectations considering the decent turnout on the first day.  And tell you what, it all went way beyond our expectations! To our utmost delight, the event specifically attracted families that are always in the lookout for pleasurable pursuits but usually fail to find any.  Kids and women of all ages were glued to their chairs on one side of the stage, fervently looking forward to the lineup of activities. Various television channels ventured on to introduce tossdown as one of the leading eatout portals of the country. Battle of the Bands was a noticeable highlight where young singers and musical bands were given the opportunity to perform amid a live hyperactive audience. Dancing prodigies were introduced whose incredible contemporary dance techniques left us all in awe.

music and a whole lot more!

music and a whole lot more!

fun and frolic!

fun and frolic!

Those wonderful three days flashed by in a jiffy leaving us all energized with an apparent overdose of toss-renaline (tossdown adrenaline;) ). The fiesta successfully helped us achieve our desired result which was to stir up the city with some tossdown awareness and at the same time introduce the people of Lahore to worthwhile free entertainment that has the essential ingredients for any successful event; food, music & free giftssss!! And the best part is that the fiesta has just marked the beginning of an exhilarating and enjoyable journey of events for people who believe in good, clean entertainment.

Here’s a peek at the Fiesta – (courtesy Media Channel, City42 Lahore)

Tossdown Foodtech Fiesta – 2011