A picture is made up of a thousand stories

tossdown comes to Canada as an effort to build a Halal Restaurant guide for the Muslim Community in North America.

But how did it all began?

You have a product that you have been working on for almost a decade now, you think its good enough to build a restaurant database for any city and give its users the freedom to search restaurants based on their choices. It is not that simple. Heres how:

tossdown at Muslim Fest 2016 - Mississauga Canada

tossdown at Muslim Fest 2016 – Mississauga Canada

Most of you would see this picture as a display of marketing effort by tossdown at a certain exhibition (in this case it was Muslim Fest – one of the biggest Muslim Festivals in Canada) to create market awareness. Its empty for now, with a facade of marketing messages.

But for us this is a very emotional site. In this empty static picture, we see a lot of bustle, a lot going on, we see passion, love, loss, adversity and the struggle we had to go through to come to this. The risks that were taken were unimaginable for us and we always thought there was a greater power that was always picking us up when were on the verge.

Ask me, this is a ‘emotional tearing’ moment for us but we wont cry because its not over yet plus we dont have any time to.

This is the beginning and as they say ‘All great things come after adversity’. March on team tossdown!

Thank you Muslim Fest for giving us the opportunity to display a little of what we know so far.


Team tossdown


Restaurant Gift Cards Launched By tossdown.com With Some Of The Top Restaurants In Lahore

Gift cards are a big thing in North America and other 1st world countries with a mature transactional system in place. This is something that struck us and as tossdown.com we are one company that is continuously working to bring the best of the world to the Pakistani market. We are synonymous to the word ‘eating out’ in Lahore (or at least we are working to be) so it gives us the responsibility to work on anything related to the Dining out industry. Gift cards are one such thing that we see future in – and this comes as a tester with a handful of our close restaurant partners.

These gift cards are being distributed free of cost to our Khaba Card customers both in homes and the Corporate with companies like Netsol, Ufone, TRG and other employee dense organizations buying the cards through their HR.TossDown Gift Card

How to use the Gift Card:

  1. Always will each Gift Card have a value and terms against which it can be used?
  2. For example a Gift Card worth Rs. 100 can be redeemed at the min spend of Rs. 500 which in other way is a 20% discount but has more value than a discount dangling in midair. (The reason we have a minimum spend is to avoid any unhappy moments between the customer and the restaurant for now as these are distributed free)
  3. The restaurant is handed over the Gift Card at the time of the bill and redeemed for its value.

What’s more is we are giving away a Gift Card pack worth Rs. 500 with every Khaba Card till the 31st of May. You can order your Khaba Card now to receive the Gift Cards that come as cash back for your money. Gift Card partnering Restaurants include Burger Chalet, Sarpinos, China Town and Urban Cafe.

There will be more coming soon.

Ramadan Guide 2013 – Iftar Deals in Lahore Launched!

Ramadan 2013 is here and as always it is our foremost duty at tossdown to bring you the best of Ramadan Deals from the Top Restaurants in your city.

This ramadan some top players would be Chez Nur, Veranda Bistro, Tabaq, Salt n Pepper  and many others with YUM being one of them. You can view the Iftar Deals in Lahore on the link here. This is nothing whats coming this Ramadan. Fingers Crossed.

Khaba Card at a Discounted price for Rozee.pk Users

With Khaba Card adding the best Restaurant Partners in Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi in 2013 or as we call it the “Khaba’13” it maintains to keep solid ties with corporate partners.

One such example is its collaboration with Pakistan’s Leading Job site ROZEE.pk and one of the busiest places online by introducing a special price of Rs. 300 (instead of the orginal price Rs. 600) for its users.

ROZEE.pk Banner

ROZEE.pk Banner

After years after its inception, ROZEE.pk maintains as the leading job that hosts 23,725,256 Applications for 122,412 Vacancies by 56,976 Employers as of today.

We feel this as one of the most important collaborations tossdown.com has done so far with its Khaba Privilege card and hope to provide it as a stepping stone for both these brands.

Are you a ROZEE.pk user? Simply visit the website and click the banner on the top to get the discounted price.

A complete list of Khaba Partner restaurants in Lahore/Islamabad/Karachi could be found on this link http://khaba.tossdown.com

Khaba Card gets accepted at best Restaurants in Lahore

In its 3rd year of inception, tossdown.com‘s Khaba Card (the privilege card that gets you exclusive deals & discounts in Lahore, Islamabad & Karachi) packs a load of Restaurants in Lahore touching the figure of almost 50 Restaurants. The list includes many top names such as Cafe Zouk, Masooms, OPTP, Gunsmoke, Chez Nur, Tabaq, Ze Grill etc. Not only this, the Khaba Card is now accepted at Bakeries such as Bread & Beyond and dessert places like the Sweet Tooth & cafe La Churro.

The card costs Rs. 300 for previous years card holders and Rs. 600 for first timers and will be valid through 2013 up until the 31st of December.

Khaba Partners

Khaba Partners

To order the card simply fill in the details on this page: http://khaba.tossdown.com/order and your card will be delivered to you with-in 48 hours. You can pay on Delivery!

Happy Eating

Cafe Zouk – Complimentary Margaritas with your Khaba Privilege Card

When it comes to dining out in Lahore, everyone knows Zouk as one of the ‘Big Brothers’ of Restaurants in Lahore. Zouk has been serving some seriously great food for more than 15 years and gives you more than food – the experience. Over the years Zouk has converted many regular diners to ‘Zouksters’ and they keep coming back for more and more that this place has to offer. When you meet a Zoukster he would have one thing to claim

“You cant go wrong at Zouk”

Cafe Zouk has now offered its hand to the tossdown Diners community having the Khaba Privilege Cards. Now you get Complimentary Margaritas* at Zouk with your Card. This is a great way to show some love for the tossdown Khaba Card holders and we hope the foodies with the Khaba Card would love this ‘gesture’ by zouk.

Zouk Maragaritas

Zouk Maragaritas

*2 Complimentary Drinks per Khaba Card

For more details visit:



You can order your Khaba Card here: http://khaba.tossdown.com/order

T20 Chris Gayle Dances WI to the Finals against Sri Lanka – Screening in all top Restaurants

After the heartbreaking defeat of Pakistan yesterday, it was a bad day for Australia today when Chris Gayle the monstrous hitter unleashed his wrath on the aussies. ESPNCRICINFO defined the match as “All-round Windies crush Australia

Chris Gayle Scored a massive 75 off just 41 balls that included 6 magnificent sixes and 5 fours. This innings was a joy to watch for any cricket fan except ofcoarse who were supporting the aussies.

Chris Gayle Dancing

Chris Gayle Dancing

For those of you who want to see Chris Gayle dance on the big day – T20 Final on OCT 07 the list of restaurants screening the match could be found here


Watching the match at tossdown Partner Restaurants, you can get the Khaba Privilege Card for Free. Enjoy the match and Happy Eating!

Tea time at Cafe Upstairs with the Khaba Privilege Card

There is good news all around for tossdown Khaba Privilege Card users. Now your Khaba Card is more powerful than ever with the best restaurants in Lahore on the list being added everyday. Such new addition is the Cafe Upstairs. The place is a latest edition on the lahore dining out scene. More details on the place here.

The Tea Time deal on the Khaba Card includes:

1 Pizza, 2 Drinks (Softdrink/coffee/tea) and a brownie all for Rs. 695 (All Inclusive).

Cafe Upstairs

Cafe Upstairs

This deal is great for the T20 Cricket matches that you can view on the huge screen at the Cafe. Grab you Khaba Cards and head up to cafe upstairs, we will see you there – at the matches! :D

tossdown app ranked as No 1 on the App Store – Food & Drink

It is indeed a great day for the tossdown team and also its thousands of users who have made this possible that tossdown is Ranked No 1. on the App Store – Food & Drink Category.

tossdown iOS app ranked No 1 on App Store - Food and Drink

tossdown iOS app ranked No 1 on App Store – Food and Drink

It should give our users more confidence in our services as well as brands/businesses associated with tossdown over the years. We also look to grow our community from here on so we have more and more on the great food restaurants have to offer around us and unleash the foodies among us.

For more details on the app featured and download links visit:


tossdown Ramadan Restaurant Guide tops all Major Apps on the App Store

tossdown Ramadan Restaurant Guide launched a couple of months ago has just topped all Major Apps such as Facebook, Angry Bird, Twitter etc and is now on #56 on the Local App Store and the 56th most downloaded app and 2nd most downloaded app in Pakistan in the ‘Lifestyle’ Category.

This is a tipping point for us a team who have struggled for a break through for years, since 2008 where people would just rid the idea of a dine out website or an app just about recently. Well interestingly as recently as just last month.

Lets all wish and pray this is a launching pad for our idea.

App on #56

App on #56

App on #87

App on #87

Download the app for your android and iphone http://tossdown.com/app