The best Iftar and Sehri deals…..At the touch of a button….!

With each passing year, no matter how turbulent times are, the true essence of Ramadan remains intact. It’s an integral part of our lives and a constant reminder to be better than what we already are; a glorious summoning to strengthen our faith in all that is good and sacred.

Having said that, oddly enough, on a superficial yet very real level, it almost always boils down to that time of the day when all our eyes wish to see are delicious concoctions made to sooth our overzealous appetites. All remnants of patience and goodwill tend to wither away at the mere sight of food. Can’t comment much on the royal family but surely over here, the royal stomach conquers all. But let’s not view this entirely with disdain. We aren’t such bad people. We have patience and we endure. We really do. But can you blame us if such mouth-watering creations rule the hearts and minds of our sub-continent bloodline? We deserve to splurge just a little bit don’t we? How? Some might ask.  Well, that is precisely where Tossdown comes in.

Take Iftar time for example. After a long, strenuous, back breaking and sweat pouring hot Ramadan day, you want everything at your disposal; literally at the touch of a button. That menacingly slow tick tock of your watch makes your head ache and your stomach beg for mercy. Your friends are bombarding you with unending messages and phone calls, asking the million dollar question: “What’s the plan for Iftar?!!!” Your poor soul is incapable of handling this stress. It seems that your decision making powers have been crippled for life. Then a little angel miraculously whispers into your ear something about Pakistan’s finest restaurant portal/guide, Tossdown. A whiff of delight; a sigh of relief escapes your parched lips. You are too lazy to log onto your computer so you just use the Tossdown mobile application to search for the best Iftar deals in town!  Within seconds, details of the city’s best delicacies appear in front of you.  Hypnotizing and beckoning your blessed soul.

Life is already way too complicated for us to even spend another minute on unnecessary stress and tension. So a word of advice for all you lazy souls, for all great food lovers, and of course for all the steadfast people fasting; make your lives easier with Tossdown. Before Ramadan 2012, deciding where to eat out for Iftar and Sehri was never this easy. That’s how simple eating out has become. Really.

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