The Best Restaurant Websites in Canada


    The best restaurant websites all have one thing in common: optimized and responsive web pages that make it incredibly easy for users to find what they’re looking for. Research indicates that 77% of diners visit a restaurant’s website before they decide to dine in or order online from an establishment. Of that group, more than half of people admitted that a poor website experience discourages them from visiting the restaurant altogether. 

    This makes it obvious that a user-friendly, well-designed website is crucial to the success of any online food business. This is easier said than done, and a great restaurant website is a lot harder to achieve than you might think. We’ve put together a list of our favorite restaurant websites that you can take inspiration from to create a powerful first impression on potential customers. 

    1.Naan Guys 

    Naan Guys uses its signature blend of spices to prepare freshly baked naans straight from the oven. Their authentic sauces are prepared in-house from the finest ethnic spices, free from any preservatives. Baked using traditional tandoors and Kitchen of the Future (KOF) technology, each naan comes out consistent in quality, taste, and texture. 

    naan guys CanadaWith a clear and intuitive user navigation, the website makes digital interaction as fluid and efficient as possible. The clean and simple design draws viewers’ attention to the food, and the white background naturally makes it stand out more.

    2.Galito’s Chicken 

    Galito’s serves halal, flame-grilled chicken marinated in homemade piri piri sauce, cooked over charcoal to give it a charred, smokey flavor. Their Portuguese chicken recipe is made using a blend of chili, garlic, lemon, and herbs. The chicken is 100% halal and of premium quality, never treated with artificial hormones or antibiotics. 


    Their website is customized, tailored to the exact needs of any chicken joint with a simple, clean layout that clearly incorporates all elements important to their brand identity. 

    3.Al Kabab

    Al Kabab Grill Takeout and Catering serves premium Pakistani and Indian cuisine in Mississauga, ON. They prepare South Asian dishes with fresh, wholesome ingredients and perfectly marinated meat. 

    The website has an obvious and user-friendly navigation with a clear hierarchy. It uses a consistent layout and visual cues for better functionality across web pages. 

    4.Döner & Gyros 

    Döner & Gyros combines the world’s two most iconic sandwiches in an attempt to bring authentic Mediterranean cuisine to mainstream Western culture. Their menu comprises a range of options, from assembled sandwiches, to deconstructed platters with a selection of breads and fillers. Great for satisfying on-the-go cravings, their sandwiches are packed with spiced, grilled meat and topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. 


    With a clean yet warm aesthetic, the website has a consistent design that’s easy on the eyes. The images of the food on their menu are well presented and match the color palette of the website. 

    5.Tybah’s Kabab

    Offering authentic Middle-eastern cuisine in Oshawa, Tybah’s Kabab has a range of options you can choose from, including sandwiches, shawarmas, and more. They also have plenty of healthy, scrumptious salads, sauces and dips with Mediterranean flavors, and shish kabobs that just seem to melt in your mouth. 

    Their website has an elegant and straightforward design that makes it very easy to navigate. The pictures of food and prices are clearly displayed and you can browse the menu and order what you want for takeaway and delivery. 

    6.Mongolian Grill

    Mongolian Grill in ON is not just a restaurant, but an experience. Adventurous individuals and novice chefs are encouraged to create their own recipe using fresh, high quality ingredients. Then sit back and watch their grill masters stir-fry their creation right in front of you using custom-made blades. 

    Nothing makes a website stand out more than bright images and clear text. Mongolian Grill’s website uses a scrolling animation on their homepage that makes it fun and interesting. The page animation is dynamic in nature, but doesn’t harm the viewer’s ability to read through the page. 


    Waffelo is a fun little dessert place with a range of items on their menu including waffles and ice cream, cakes, shakes, etc. They offer comfort food that you can enjoy any time of the day with friends and family. 

    One of the brightest and boldest websites you’ll ever see, Waffelo is a great example of why choosing the right color palette is very important for your brand identity. The colors of the website perfectly complement the pictures of their food and makes them stand out well.


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