Can technology reduce stress for restaurants?

The restaurant industry has seen significant changes in the aftermath of the pandemic. There’s been an unexpected shift in consumer behavior; one that has urged restaurants, fast food chains, and supermarkets to adapt to the online delivery market to stay competitive. More consumers are resorting to the services of food delivery apps to enjoy their favorite meals at home – a satisfying next-best alternative to in-person dining. 

As more food establishments take their stores online, it’s important to find ways to reduce stress on your staff and business by making day-to-day logistics management easier. Technology can provide the tools that allow restaurants to meet customer expectations with top-notch digital experiences and user-friendly interfaces. Staying on top of technology trends is an effective way to save employees’ time and energy, find out about customer preferences, and assess industry competition. 

Inventory integration and supply chain management

For an online business, especially one dealing with perishables and food products, inventory and supply chain management is critical.

With an effective inventory management solution, you can achieve the following:

  • Optimal food safety and quality management 
  • Regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction
  • Supply chain efficiency and lower logistics costs
  • Optimal transit and packaging processes 

Technology advancements in inventory management provide heightened visibility and allow you to track shipments without any problems. You can keep track of goods sold to forecast future demand, and run algorithms to determine acceptable stock levels for inventory optimization. This helps you manage the supply chain effectively, ensuring efficient product delivery and consumer safety. 

New ways are being explored by e-commerce platforms to improve food sector productivity through automation. For instance, tossdown is an affordable e-commerce platform that offers commission-free sales and orders, inventory management solutions, and real-time data that caters to your unique business needs.

Online ordering and portable payments 

Safe, speedy, and efficient payments have always been an important aspect of the dining experience. Advancement in technology means that your guests now have the ability to order and pay for their meal from the convenience of their own device. This is not only easy and practical, but also helps you improve table turn times, reduce labor costs, and gain insights about your guests. 

Some restaurants may even facilitate contactless payments. This is especially useful in the wake of the pandemic since it prevents unnecessary or unwanted physical contact between guests and staff at a time when safety and social distancing are paramount. 


The last few years have seen an evident change in the restaurant industry, largely due to advancements in technology and evolving guest preferences. Customers value speed and variety – they want their food fast and to meet all of their dietary restrictions, without compromising on taste or quality. These shifts in customer behaviors emerged alongside the tech boom of the past decade, which only meant that restaurateurs needed to stay up-to-date, or even ahead of industry trends.  

Having an online store that offers one-stop solutions such as inventory integration, shipping logistics, and access to real-time data is extremely convenient for owners as well. It is essential to go for an e-commerce solution that makes digital interaction as fluid and easy as possible and is also financially sustainable in the long-run, without the added expense of costly plugins or add-on apps.