Economies Thrive When Women Do Well

IMAGINE you are a housewife who has spent her life taking care of her children and doing house chores. But now the kids have grown up and don’t require as much care, so, the care-intensive and hustling era of your life has come to an end. The fast-paced movie running at 2x speed has slowed down. And honestly, it’s draining and incredibly boring to watch a slow-paced story, particularly when you are the main character. So, what do you do? Keep sleepwalking through life on an is basis or realize that you can capitalize and monetize your talents. These two paths lead to two very divergent roads. One ends with you becoming a person full of regrets, unfulfilled (and unawakened) dreams, and desires while the other ends with you becoming a financially independent person who can afford to splurge on herself and her kids. We, at tossdown, think the choice is self-evident and if you too have realized this then hop on and let us help you with our Weecommerce venture-a campaign specifically designed to make your dreams come true. So, open your pantry, take out the knitting supplies or whatever talent you have been hiding, and let us set up your e-commerce store.

 “The era of the sword and axe is nigh”- Andrzej Sapkowski

Don’t think that the above story is yours? Well, it very well could be. You think that you are a young mother and you don’t need to work or monetize your talents. Your children need all your time. But what you don’t realize is that child-rearing doesn’t have to clash with your aspirations. You have got us. We at tossdown came up with the vision to create effortless business for you. 

Tossdown was established in 2008 with a vision to create smart, simple solutions to mortar shops. Since then, tossdown has engineered various systems for the web, handhelds & desktops at tossdown, we believe in 2 basic concepts – Innovation & knowledge sharing. With these principles in place, tossdown have ventured into a Weecommerce campaign for women to run their businesses from home. 

WE-ECOMMERCE – Women in e-commerce is a 1-year program for all women entrepreneurs in Pakistan who are selling retail products using digital mediums. The core motivation behind this program is to empower women and recognize their hard work, especially in the digital domain. Through Weecommerce, tossdown aims to provide them easy access to website development services and online shop setup that so far has been seen as a male dominant field and we would like to change that slightly. Simply put, through this campaign, women business leaders who are selling goods through any social media channel will be offered a website FREE for a whole year. Be the first one for having an effortless business.