The rise of online grocery shopping in Canada

Did you know? Online grocery sales in Canada are projected to surge by 24.6% from October to reach $14.7 billion in November of this year. The increase will account for around 17.1% of all November grocery sales in 2023. 

What’s even more interesting is that the share of food sales in the world of e-commerce has been steadily increasing, growing by 2.5% since 2017, and this growth is expected to continue until 2025. Not only that but the Canadian online grocery market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15.94% from 2023 to 2028. 

The concept of shopping online lies in its convenience. Imagine being able to manage your grocery orders and inventory while sipping your morning coffee, during your lunch break, or even on your way home from work. 

The rise of online grocery shopping can be challenging for supermarkets, grocery stores, and the food & beverage industry. And we wouldn’t be too surprised if these thoughts are running through your mind:  What can customers expect from your online grocery store? And what can you do as a grocery store owner to keep the revenue percentage high?

We’ve got all the answers for you! Keep on reading to find out! 

Time saving

Online grocery shopping can save time for both you and your customers. With real-time updates and smart order management systems, shoppers can efficiently pick and pack items, reducing the time spent searching for products on the shop floor. 

This means you can handle more orders in less time while keeping an eye on inventory, wholesale ordering, and tracking, thus contributing to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

More flexible alternative

For many shoppers, flexibility is one of the most important criterias when choosing an online grocery store. Indeed, physical grocery stores don’t necessarily serve customers during break hours. 

On the other hand, online grocery stores are available 24/7. So, your customers can shop from anywhere, whether from the sofa, from home, from the office, or from the car (exactly wherever they want!) 

Competitive prices

Starting an online grocery store with competitive prices can greatly benefit your business. By taking your store online, you can reduce operational costs and manage inventory more efficiently. 

This allows you to offer discounted prices, flexible payment options, and high performance compared to traditional stores, attracting more customers to your platform. It will provide your customers with the convenience of comparing prices and purchasing from the comfort of their homes. 

This approach not only boosts customer satisfaction but also increases your store’s profitability.

Seamless shopping experience

Shifting your grocery store online offers a super-smooth shopping experience for customers. They can easily browse through all your products with clear pictures and product descriptions. No more wandering around aisles aimlessly!

A responsive e-commerce website is a key player here. With a clear layout, effortless navigation, easy-to-read fonts, and an appealing design, customers can quickly find what they need. 

Think of it like arranging products on virtual shelves. Everything has its place, making it easy for customers to explore.

Streamlined delivery process

The last and most important step in making your online grocery store a success. Provide your customers with an exceptional shopping experience by ensuring smooth order fulfillment and gaining customer loyalty and positive referrals.

You can choose an ordering website with 0% commission, free data configuration, and real-time order management like Ordrz, which will change the way your grocery business operates.

So, get in touch with tossdown, get a complete grocery e-commerce platform, & start getting grocery orders online!

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