Why eCommerce is the future for restaurants & food businesses

In the food and dining industry, it’s really important for restaurants to be online nowadays. Many people use the internet to look for and order food, so restaurants without an online presence might lose customers to their competitors. Luckily, eCommerce offers an easy and affordable way for restaurants to get online and reach more people. 

Advanced technology, advanced opportunities

The services eCommerce offers have numerous benefits for restaurants, helping them grow in the modern landscape. Here are the advantages that restaurants can enjoy by applying eCommerce:

Increased visibility

Having an eCommerce website helps restaurants reach a larger audience. People who wouldn’t normally visit the restaurant can discover and order food online from within the comfort of their own homes. We help you get a comprehensive and visually appealing website for your restaurant with ease. You can start selling your food products online effortlessly using our advanced eCommerce technology platform, and watch a dramatic increase in your sales. 

The setup process for getting your own eCommerce website is quite simple: Just reach out to our restaurant business specialists, share your requirements, and get a customized online website that suits your needs perfectly!   

Once your website is ready, you can accept and track customer orders directly on your own website without any hassle. As you grow your online presence, you also get ownership of valuable customer data, allowing you to connect and engage with your customers for repeat sales. 

Convenience for customers

Instead of customers browsing the menu on a website and then calling to place an order, eCommerce allows them to order directly from the restaurant’s website. This makes it easier for customers to order food without the need for phone calls or in-person visits. It improves the overall customer experience, increases sales, and builds brand loyalty. 

With our eCommerce services, you can easily implement coupons and referral discounts to keep customers coming back. Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences through customer insights. Use this data to develop effective customer retention strategies and tailor your offerings to their needs. 

Streamlined ordering and payment process

eCommerce platforms simplify the ordering and payment process for restaurants. With tossdown, restaurants can efficiently manage and track customer orders. The system includes features like real-time order tracking and a robust shopping cart. Your customers can easily add the desired items to their cart, adjust quantities, and proceed to checkout seamlessly. It automatically handles calculations for delivery charges, taxes (such as VAT and GST), and customs duties. This simplifies the process for both restaurants and customers, ensuring a smooth and accurate ordering experience and higher conversion rates. 

Better inventory management

Restaurants can utilize eCommerce platforms to efficiently manage their inventory and track sales. With accessible tools, restaurants can make informed decisions about food ordering, stock levels, and predicting future sales. 

As an eCommerce platform that includes real-time inventory integration, supply chain management, warehouse optimization, and inventory cost accounting, tossdown’s POS system ensures a smooth online shopping experience. We help you stay updated on product availability, streamline operations, track inventory costs effectively, and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers. You can also book a demo to understand the inventory process.

Data and analytics

eCommerce platforms offer valuable data and analytics for restaurants to better understand their customers and make informed decisions. This information helps enhance menu offerings, improve marketing strategies, and deliver a superior customer experience. By analyzing customer data, restaurants can identify popular dishes, personalize recommendations, and target the right audience with effective promotions.

In conclusion, starting eCommerce for restaurants with tossdown is simpler than you might expect. eCommerce provides restaurants with a fantastic opportunity to expand their customer base, enhance the overall customer experience, and grow their business. Whether you run a small family owned eatery or a large restaurant chain, adopting eCommerce is a cost-effective and straightforward way to establish an online presence and boost your sales in the future.