Why you should take your grocery business online


    The bitter truth of any business today is that if you don’t make your presence online, you won’t survive! In the past few years, with the rise of e-commerce, countless online business ideas have emerged. But the idea that seems to be catching the eye of most entrepreneurs is an online grocery business! There are numerous online businesses across the world that have gained massive success in the past couple of years… Amazon, Walmart, Loblaws, to name a few. 

    If we talk about stats, the number of online grocers is increasing at a 3X rate on a year-to-year basis, which also indicates that the sector offers opportunities for new players.

    And, a lot more!

    Why grocers should expand into e-commerce

    According to a recent Canadian study, the food and grocery share of e-commerce sales is expected to increase to slightly more than 4% by 2025, up from 1.57% in 2017. This shows that the popularity of online grocery stores isn’t declining any time soon! Smaller and more traditional grocers, on the other hand, may be concerned that online expansion will reduce the overall quality of their customer’s experiences. 

    With the right grocery store & supermarket e-commerce service providers like tossdown, your online expansion would provide the opportunity to actually satisfy modern customer expectations while continuing to reach the niche markets you originally built to attract.

    Not only that but you can also add new features to your online store quickly and easily, such as consistent pricing models and accurate substitution offerings, which will help your brand establish credibility and provide experiences similar to what customers expect in person. 

    Keeping products in stock

    Where are you going to store your items, and how will you keep track of your inventory? How can software help you manage your grocery items? How can you use software to manage storage conditions remotely? 

    These questions must be running through your mind. And rightly so. But we can help you manage inventory and grocery item availability. Our standard features include real-time inventory integration, supply chain management, warehouse operations optimization, and inventory cost accounting. Super easy, right?!

    Customer service

    If you’re in the grocery industry, it’s expected that you’ll have questions from shoppers. You’ll also need a structured way to address concerns. For this, your grocery e-commerce business needs to offer best-in-class customer service. 

    At the very least, even if you can’t provide immediate responses to questions, it’ll be important to maintain a channel for fielding questions and concerns. 

    Technology can help!

    Better user experience

    Now that you’re willing to take your grocery business online, it’s crucial to understand that people have varying levels of comfort with shopping online. Therefore, your website needs to be easy to navigate while simultaneously creating a comfortable & convenient experience. 

    Remember that an online grocery shopping experience needs to convey a feeling beyond the bare minimum of being practical and transactional.

    Support customer demand with home delivery 

    Freshness and quality control of products are critical components to consider when meeting the demands of consumers in specific regions. Taking control of features such as grocery delivery is essential to bridging the gap between quality and convenience. 

    According to a Google survey, 96% of respondents said they would look to a traditional brick-and-mortar grocery store for home delivery, and 85% said they would choose a store they already visited. 

    This means that while consumers value convenient and accessible options, they also consider quality and familiarity when deciding where to shop.

    Flexibility at all levels

    Online grocery shopping platforms not only provide excellent customer experiences, but also enable flexible consumer interaction. A variety of payment options contribute to the instant gratification and freedom that today’s consumers desire. 

    Digital businesses save time… The e-grocery business allows you to enjoy flexible working hours while augmenting your revenue. 

    You can offer customized stuff for health freaks, diet foods for weight loss, and timely offers on different products. Highlight something ‘valuable’ in every section so that your customers can avail extra benefits by purchasing your grocery items.

    The right grocery e-commerce platform, like tossdown, has the potential to not only facilitate an online e-commerce grocery store but also add value to your overall business model. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Bring your grocery or food business online right away!


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